A Unique wooden Bearing Carriage

Chair of railway bearing. Property Furniture: Furniture Natural Spirit

KOMPAS.com -want something unique fill one corner of your home? This one may have never imagined, a Chair unique and antique wooden bearing train.

A unique wooden bearing this train of bearing train that was not used again. Her age was already old, could reach a hundred yearly. However, don't get me wrong this wood Chair stay strong!

According to the Natural spirit of outlet Furniture, Fortunately Kuntjoro found in the title of the exhibition furniture 2011 at the Jakarta Convention Center, wood Chair padded his train did not easily obsolescent and termite resistant. The secret, the wood passes the process oven in pengeringannya.

If you are interested, there is also a treatment that you have to know. Furnis again wooden chair for two to three years into the future, because if placed outside the home will be exposed to the effects of the scorching heat of the Sun and rain water.

Wooden bearing this train than could be molded into Chair, could also be versatile desk and wardrobe. According to Gladstone, to create furniture, not change the basic shape of the wood train bearing. Only the motive of the wood and the shorter length is adjusted.

Put this unique Chair could you place indoors or outside space. For outside space such as in the home or front porch in one corner of the Park. This vast seats can be booked according to taste, with a maximum length of 2 meters, width 15-20 meters, and a thickness of 7 meters. To enhance the display, you can add batalan Chair with color senada.  (Natalia Ririh)


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