Perform Simple Si Family Of Stylish Unfinished Space -Cat is not an absolute. The wall only covered cement precisely make room appear more simple, but still unique. The following example family room. "Well, his house was not yet completed, kok, already liveable?" Perhaps the question that comes to mind You when entering the living room. Indeed this stylish unfinished family room. That means there are some elements that left looks unfinished work.

One of them is the wall, which left only covered cement.Display as this removes the impression the official and stiffness. The impression of natural and simple also very noticeably, as the owner of the House is not much play of color, just no white on the floor, ceiling, even on some of the furniture.

But be careful, too, otherwise the jelly, this can make it look like quickly bored because the monotonous. The solution, place elements, such as greenery fresheners or a little game of colors in accessories.

What about the impression of the dark? For the problem on this one was out-manoeuvered by creating openings can be wide and numerous. As we can see in this photo, the room feels so light and open as it is surrounded by wide openings. Another advantage, so it is cool.

Room unfinished to this, more to save expenses as well. Funds for the cat could be allocated to the other. Agree? (Anissa q. Aini/iDEA)


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