The Pixel: City Car for Europe

India car manufacturer Tata Motors handed me The pixels, city car to Europe with a number of advantages
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Car Cheap Mitsubishi Assault Indonesia in 2013

Car cheap Mitsubishi made in Thailand will put Indonesia market in 2013. Current dpamerkan in Geneva. Here's the details!
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Pulsar 220: feature-rich, competitive price!

Want to know what course offered at the Bajaj Pulsar 220? Here's the full answer!
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Jimmi Hendrix di Interior VW Bulli

Bulli, VW Kombi recycling mini size ' interior sound designed to listen to the game guitar Jimmi Hendrix.
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The Renault Alpine Legend Back To Life

The name Renault Alpine A160 was legendary in the era of the 1990s. Now it came to life sportcar Renault through the draft David Cordoso.
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GIVI 26X to Skutik and Duck

For those who have skutik and wish to install additional cribs as luggage, now there's GIVI 26X. How much does it cost?
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Helm Arai Ramaikan Isle of Man TT

The helmet manufacturer, Arai, Japan supported the event in the Isle of Man TT in the United Kingdom by making special edition helmet.
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Premium, Sneakers-Adidas Porsche Collaboration

For fats speed or often are on the racing atmosphere environment, with shoes this makes the display more Porsche macho
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1200 "Maxi-Motard" Aprilia Dorsoduro

Aprilia introduced its newest products that have three Dorsoduro 1200 option workforce.
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Nissan 370Z GT Edition for Europe

Nissan conducts refresher with improving the quality of the model of the 370Z coupe for the European market.
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Nih, A Three-Cylinder Mitsubishi Cars

In Geneva, Mitsubishi gave the signal to the world if they are already setting up a small twin-engined three-cylinder car.
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Nih, prospective Competitors Pikap Mitsubishi and Ford

Mitsubishi and Ford are competing in a double cabin pikap market would get a new "enemy", the Chevrolet Corolado.
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Horex VR6, Motorcycle-Engined Radical

Company motorcycle Germany Horex appears again and make the motorcycle with the engine that radical.
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BMW 6 Series-Kupe Slid to Shanghai

BMW featured the debut of the series-6 kupe in car show in Shanghai. Whereas, the car was to the markets of Europe and America.
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If Not Okay Again, McLaren Believed Could Lose Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is believed to be giving the tolerance if McLaren failed to meet expectations. If later he chose migrated from McLaren, Red Bull does not close the possibility to welcome.
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Spies Pede Face Qatar

Jorge Lorenzo had complained about the performance of motor Yamahanya is still not perfect. However, unlike the case with his new colleagues who praised Ben Spies YZR-M1 has been performed satisfactorily during the test the pre season.
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Alonso: McLaren MP4-26 will be Competitive

MP4-26 so mainstay McLaren next season has not been demonstrated "fangs" in the pre-season test session. However, former team-mate Fernando Alonso is confident it will be able to show teeth in races later.
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Lorenzo Pessimistic win in Qatar

Status as defending champion Jorge Lorenzo MotoGP, performance and Yamaha in the pre season test session is not so satisfactory. It's no wonder if Lorenzo had not so sure if he can win the series opener at Qatar weekend later.
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What Tattoo Design Do You Like?

If you have decided you want to get a tattoo, try to use the tattoo finder to help you select that special design that I thought about it. Using tattoo finder is a great way to find a tattoo design you want. There are so many different styles and shapes to choose from, it can be overwhelming to choose just one. You can narrow your search just to look for certain shapes or figures, even animals. It's all up to you. Tattoo is looking for an expansive list of custom designs, thousands of experienced tattoo artist, not just those in the local shop down the street


There are several advantages to using a tattoo finder. Suppose you want a tattoo, but not exactly the kind of tattoo you want to explore. At the salon, your options are limited. You'll just have to share a book or tattoos to choose from, and book designs created by those who work there. If they're not that creative, it could be a very costly mistake that you'll be looking at for years to come. This isplace where tattoo Finder comes in. compilation of tattoo art from different artists allows you to select a design and tweak it to make it your own .

Using the tattoo finder will allow you to view many different designs very quickly, you expose a tattoo design more creative than what you get from the old catalog in the salon. Second, the viewfinder allows further adjustment of the tattoo design on your own, improving on the original artist to put together. Most importantly, it gives you the power to choose the tattoo that suits you. If you're taking too much time in the salon, they will tell you to hurry up or they go to the next person. That is when you make hasty decisions, and you may end up with a picture of Elmo somewhere on your body. Ouch. Unless you like Elmo, you'll be hiding a tattoo for a long, long time.

So, if you're looking for a tattoo that you'll be proud to show off and totally satisfied, the only way to do this is to adjust themselves with the help of a tattoo finder. They are either free or low-cost subscription, and since you have a hand in creating the design itself, it can be something that you want people to see. Do not make the wrong choice and end up with Elmo. Get a tattoo finder to help you understand what you really want.

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Safina Challenge Sharapova, Verdasco Stalled

The rate of Dinara Safina haven't terhadang. Russia tennis is a success of the fourth round after getting rid of pawed Samantha Stosur. The fate of the different accepted Fernando Verdasco, who had to go home early.
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As A Result Of The Tsunami, GP Japan Pushed Back

8.9 scale earthquake that tsunami ritcher scale accompanied that hit Japan make racing series in the country Sakura was pushed back. New schedule for GP Japan is 2 October.
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Tattooes, Bodyart, Body Painting-Self Expression-Friend or Foe

Now I personally have a tattoo, although I was thinking of getting one. My wife has a little heart just above her right breast that is not normally see. I like it there and if you want to get a tattoo, there are many things to consider.

First you have to be smart tattoo. By that I mean you have to do a little research on them. There are many sources on the Internet that can give you ideas on the coloring, style, design, and the pro's and con's. From personal observation, I noticed that in certain places on the body can add to your look and seductivity and other places can be confusing. Depending on whether you are in the spotlight or just behind the scenes, you need to know how the tattoo will affect your daily activities.

Most companies began to accept tattoos and generally do not make a big deal about them. I'm alone, I think they add some flair to your personality. They are a way of expressing who you are and how you feel about yourself. Remember, they are a permanent part of your body later. They can be very tempting, or they can be funny. Some people have made it a goal to completely cover the entire body with tattoos. I do not really care for this kind of practice, but if that's what you do, then go for it.

When and if you decide to get tattoos, doing research first you will be able to make well-informed decisions about where and how you show your new form of expression. Whether in the form of flowers, butterflies, animals and even humans, they can add to your own self worth. Many of us would like to express themselves on a daily basis, but we just do not how. You can form through a tattoo.

If you decide to go ahead and buy a tattoo, keep in mind that they are expensive to install and remove, depending on the size and location. Although they can be removed, there is a possibility of some tissue damage and discoloration.

I'm no expert on tattoos and if I was going to get one I would definitely study the subject in the first place.

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Bahrain GP Title Opportunities ' Out '

Bahrain seemed to forget his ambition to deploy GP F1 who got delayed. The statement that Bahrain in an emergency to three months in advance so the cause.
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Star Tattoos – Finding Ideas For A Simple Design

While trying to get to star tattoo design , your creative mind can go wild. creativity and potential of design as a down to earth object may increase the awesome work of art. So where do we start when trying to find new ideas for a star tattoo? Acquisition of ideas can be found reading books, watching the stars or constellations of images of other stars tattoos can help leverage ideas for your design. Using patterns like animal prints inside the star is an alternative to the idea you can think about using. It can improve the look and feel of a star that is just clearly stated.

star tattoo design is not easy as it seems. It has a deeper meaning and symbolizes many aspects of life. There are also many variations of star tattoos. Star point can determine the meaning behind them. nautical stars, for example, has been around for ages and was often used as a symbol of protection and guidance of the house. Some other star tattoo design may have religious or spiritual impacts associated with them, such as the Star of David. Star tattoos can have several different meanings depending on who you choose.

of a popular star tattoo designs and their meanings may include:

    Shooting Stars - success and happiness Flaming Star - rising to the stars Nautical Star - symbolizes leadership Star of David - the rule of God and the protection Pentagram Star - protection against evil

Installation of star tattoos moon is another idea which is becoming popular, as these are the beautiful night sky. They are usually tattooed on the shoulder or upper back, but can be very versatile. Stars with backing Stardust is also known as shooting stars. These tattoo designs are especially popular among women. They can be brightly colored or plain black to fit one's personal preference. Customize your own star tattoo is the best way to achieve a unique design and knowing for yourself that this is one of a kind.

Star tattoo designs are growing in momentum amid fresh and younger population of women. The girls were probably mesmerized nautical star designs, decorated with stars and the long shooting stars. Stars announce a number of meanings with them, but most of the common grounds why the stars are soaked with the attraction of their beautiful designs. With that being said, star tattoos has grown to be one of the most sought after by many tattoos. Even famous Hollywood stars have inked their bodies with this simple tattoo designs. With celebrities flashing their star tats a lot of individuals are following their lead in getting a star tattoo.

placement of a star tattoo on the body has endless possibilities. For women, the design can be placed on their lower abdomen, hips, lower back and other places in the body. For men, star tattoos look great on your shoulders, chest and arms. Mixing stars in other designs such as hearts, flowers, waves, in the name of the script or existing tattoos can easily be done. This will have tremendous impact, a design accent even more. overall outcome will have a very nice effect that will be appealing to the eye.

Despite being selected, star tattoos are phenomenal and milder simple design set for men and women. The purpose includes any tattoo, is to satisfy their own intervention, whether it be a significant meaning or overall visual aspect of the tattoo. There are literally hundreds of designs available, coming up with your own design is more desirable.

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Tattoo Designs Gallery - How to choose which tattoo to get

deciding which tattoo to be an important decision many people make on a daily basis. Everyone wants a nice, original tattoo that no one else has. Some others want to find the perfect tattoo you have seen on another, but are not sure exactly what it is. Most people have some idea of the type of tattoo they want. excellent way to decide what tattoo you want is by looking at.

There are many tattoo design gallery online and ink parlors. Most tattoo parlors see the ink are very common, and it is likely that you're bound to see many other people with the same tattoo as you. So, what do you do? is a good way to choose a new tattoo.

The first thing you need to decide the style of tattoo you want. There are many different styles of art and culture is coming from. Popular styles are tribal, kanji, Polynesian, Celtic, and flower tattoos. These are beautiful work of art styles that look great on any tattoo.

Finding a good artist is imperative for a good tattoo. After you choose your tattoo design from tattoo galleries, print, artwork and bring it to an able artist. No matter how good the tattoo, if it did not do a good artist, you will be disappointed with it. Do not forget to put effort into this step, so you're happy with your new ink.

Finding good work is hard, because tattoos found in these galleries are all original and can not find anywhere else. If you really want the original style tattoo that will impress everyone, check this.

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Finding Great Back Tattoos For Men Online

You can probably spend about fifteen minutes looking for back tattoos for men and come up with a ton of them. It's not a question of man guys have. The problem is that 99% of them are nowhere near the quality you would expect. This happens a lot if you use search-engine to find your tattoo and I have the perfect solution to this dilemma.

I do not want to sound like I'm saying that you should never use a search-engine again. There are many things are great for finding. Welcome back tattoos for men are not one of them, though. All this seems to have picked up the low end galleries that have nothing worthwhile to look at. While this is true, you still have a lot of guys settle on the general, a cookie cutter back tattoos for men. Why is this so? Because they think that is all they will be able to find. They spend hours using search engines and I think this is the best I can do for any back tattoos for men. The truth is that you probably did not see one tenth truly superb artwork for your tattoo.

So, how do you find quality back tattoos for men that you are missing out on?

It's pretty simple. If you take a few minutes of your time to look through internet forums, you will find your answer to finding a great back tattoos for men. Forums are the absolute perfect place to find tons of hidden galleries are missing. There are so many topics on the subject of tattoos that you can find anything you want. Subject to locate a large galleries are always coming in forum discussions. This is exactly where you poke your head and download links that other people have posted. They found tons of great galleries that are sure to have a superb back tattoos for men. Most of what you will get the search results very much, so this is the only sure way to find them.

No matter what kind of back tattoos for men are after, just make sure you choose one that you are 100% comfortable and do not settle for less.

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Revenge Sweet from Heat to nan Spurs

Ten days ago the Miami Heat defeat decisively defeated the San Antonio Spurs. The Heat is now doing revans with not less fashionable after menyungkurkan Chairman of the Western region of Sudan was 110-80.
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Test results also Help Senangkan Aoyama

Despite the relatively good record in have a test session in Qatar, Hiroshi Aoyama at all do not rejoice. The emergence of disasters of natural disasters in Japan make it happy over a good entry help.
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Stoner Polishing Honda

Last day of the Qatar MotoGP test session still belongs to Honda. Involved competition fun with Dani Pedrosa, the fastest drivers statuses successfully captured Casey Stoner.
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Get around the narrow Room with a mirror

Roderick Adrian marque Lamont Dixon/compass. comCermin in the narrow Space in the apartment. Location: The Brass City, South Jakarta – Lived in the apartment with a narrow room space like living in a box. However, if You know how to menyiasatinya, then the narrow room will not be menghimpit.

Like the interior of the apartment e.g. Brass City for two bedroom Executive rooms with an area of 82 square meters, the narrow added bedroom mirror so impressed. The mirror became a potent weapon to give the impression of broad indoors because it reflects the room doubled.

However, the placement of the mirror is also not good when fitted as a whole. You simply choose one hand to a new mirror. The selection of variations of the mirror in the room can also be varied, depending on the room you have. In the bedroom apartment example Brass City, selected the mirror motif that is affixed to the wall extends.

Who should You consider in putting up a mirror, is her placement must not be adjacent to another because of the risk of broken furniture. Cleanliness of mirrors also should take precedence, for example by cleaning it from stains and mildew that remained impressed nodes. (Natalia Ririh)

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Home Convenient Interior Duet Fengshui and Results -Often of fengshui and the interior design concept collided in building a House and set up his room. However, both the science is capable of diduetkan into a new composition.

According to The Steven Eric Lazuardi, drafter Hokiplus Solutions For Life, as long as this between Fengshui and the Interior design is considered to collide.

"Practitioners of Fengshui has his argument itself as well as the interior design. Many people run fengshui impressed stiff with science hitungannya, while the interior is very proud with the concept of design, "said Steven to as found in the show talkshow Property 2011 in Pejaten Village Mall, South Jakarta, Saturday (7/2/2011).

Steven himself through the concept of Hokiplus developed the concept of fusion science fengshui with interior. "I want the composition of the House was viewed comfortably without breaking aesthetics of fengshui. For example, to build a room or House, its design has the aesthetics and comfort but also the place of someone, "he explained.

To find the point of the triumph in a person, said Steven in the science of calculating the date of fengshui, month, and year of birth. Once calculated will out position layout of someone. The triumph of this will affect the fortune and luck. "If you already know hitungannya, he will know the poles which are suitable if it makes the good House overlooking where, its doors facing where, and so on," said Steven.

After knowing the poles of, someone can figure out how to form the House comfortably through the broad space, building forms and compositions of color to the room. "For example the Interior main on the color of the House. Don't stiff the fengshui, because House with interior more attractive to people, "he said. (Natalia Ririh)

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Chaotic Tax Import Movie Wrong End Of The Month

Minister of culture and tourism Jero Wacik optimistic chaotic film about import tax will be completed by the end of this month.


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Mini forest in the front Yard

Design and property: Stump Pangaribuan, natural silk, Serpong, Tangerang. – Forest mini can be created in the yard of a residential home. The plants should be made neat Setup and maintained its growth. It is so small it's invisible forest such as scrub.

Yard House Stump Pangaribuan sized 5mx7m. No fences between yards with residential streets. Plants laid out slightly winding and follow the form outside the building.

Most of the farm yard was closed grass manila. The side of it that are on the front facade, planted the trees with a game high and color gradations. High low game gradations are meant to create value plant beauty.

The front area of crops, planted with varieties of low plants such as lilies of paris. The part behind pine planting types of shrubs as well as shrimp. The more backward, seen the deer horns (Platycerium) and nail-a superimposed on the stem pakuan Palm tree squirrel tail (Wodyetia bifurcate).

The presence of deer horns and nails-pakuan, is generally much visible in the tropical forests, the forests of the atmosphere to give the impression of beautiful. Although only superimposed on three trunks of a Palm tree squirrel tail, but the visual effects inflicted gave a strong atmosphere beautiful.

Not only plants, Garden also utilizes the rocks as percantikan. The edge of the Park is bordered by the coral stones arranged neatly form the curved rhythm positions growing plants. The rocks that, on the side of the external borders again with grass manila.

Amid the expanse of grass, there is a stepping stone from the Temple stones arranged two-two. So, not only the beautiful park, the existence of forest mini also makes the House becomes increasingly attractive. (Goddess of the Kartini/iDEA)

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Gold Prices Back Closer To The Record

The conflict in the Middle East that kian fierce make commodity prices such as oil and gold again surged.


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Elegant Rooms With Wooden Furniture

Insulating wood. Property furniture: My Solo Home -Felt need a touch of elegance in your home that conception of modern or minimalist? Try to fill with elegant furniture. The answer is to try to fill the room with wooden furniture.

In My Home outlet in Solo Exhibition Furniture in 2011 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), which moves in the interior furniture specialist wood (solid wood), teak and mahogany conjured into furniture design simple but elegant.

An example is the screen room is colored brown, with the carving of salak motif line rhythm as a distinctive trademark. The screen room is designed as if it has a wedge-wedge shapes box, which makes it not impressed.

Agus, the architect of My Home Solo says selection of teak and mahogany in furniturnya, guaranteed to have a good, durable fiber, and strong. Because before the work was, the wood is dried before the cut.

To foster the impression of elegant wood furniture in the room, precisely selected with dark colors. If you are interested in equipping one room with a set of furniture with the same design, My Home Solo is capable of serving as your request. (Natalia Ririh)

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The Results Of The Study Of The Limitation Of FUEL Delivered Today

Teams Study Setting FUEL plan today will submit the results of the study on the impact of restrictions on FUEL subsidies to the Government.


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Resort-Style Swimming Pool: Holiday Feeling Every Day -swimming pool, surrounded by green grass and plants, equipped gazebo at one of its corners. Hmm, he's swimming pool la resort in Bali. Interested?

Have a House complete with swimming pool, it could be a capital to create the atmosphere of the resort, in the home. Important smart styling and beautify the area outside it.

We start with the design of the swimming pool. There should always be square or box. Funny also make pool elliptical or snaking follows the shape of the land. Thus, the shape of the pool at once became a decorative element. Now it's time to design what to do with the land around it.

In this photo, we can see the area's pool of one unit of the Villa, in Vila Kamandalu, Bali. May, so the cheat sheet, nih. Tropical atmosphere is felt here. The whole land, around the swimming pool, covered the expanse of elephant grass. In every corner, placed the tropical crops.

The atmosphere of ala resort increasingly feels to attach the gazebo, in one corner of the pool area. Don't forget also several lounge chairs. If it looks already like this, the area of the swimming pool can be an alternative place of family recreation. Feeling the holiday every day.

We are also able to utilize the area for certain events. In the evening, we could create a warm and familiar atmosphere with the fluorescent light from candles which floats on the surface of the water pool. Entertaining special guests with an atmosphere like this, guaranteed to make them impressed and more comfortable. Want to try? (Anissa q. Aini/iDEA)

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Oil Will continue to be in the top 100 Dollar

The action of opposition in Libya believed kian enlarge the conflict and the heating furnace in oil markets.


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Mango Tree wood furniture

Mango Tree wood furniture. Pfroperti Furniture: Furniture Natural Spirit -when you want to choose furniture from wood, usually only know some types of wood as the material creation. Call it the oak wood, known most sturdy, or other wood such as Mahogany and Trembesi.

It turns out, there is one more timber trees that could be material for the manufacture of furniture products. The wood of trees of Mango.

According to the spirit of The Furniture, Fortunately Kuntjoro, found in the exhibition Furniture in 2011 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), mango tree wood had not been previously considered. However, lately the wood with textures different from the person concerned during this began to become potential new furniture.

Mango tree wood which can not be the young wood, Lucky chose the wood tree Mango aged 50-60 years. For the enthusiasts of these furniture products not only local, but also serves the demand of Korea, Turkey, and Spain. (Natalia Ririh)

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Discuss FTZ, Vogue Do A Closed Meeting

Minister of finance Agus Martowardojo meeting closed with the Governor of Riau Islands Muhammad Sani in the Governor's workspace.


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"Minibar" as Screen Space

Roderick Adrian marque Lamont Dixon/compass. comMinibar. Property: The Brass City Jakarta – in the space of the apartment, activity in the pantry adjacent to the dining room looks less fun, especially when the owner of a house guest in the dining Center serving guests dining room. To separate activity in two spaces, you can outsmart by placing a minibar as the screen.

In interior design in the brass City for example apartment suites with three bedrooms and an area of 134 square meters, for example, minibar placed with an altitude of about 110-115 sentimer and the width of the table minibar 30-40 centimeters. Minibar was not wearing a seat because its function hindered the dining room and pantry.

Harmonious with the color color minibar dining room and pantry, dominated by the color brown. Brown was selected as the color of the simple but elegant to give the feel of an elegant apartment anyway.

The game is not too bright lights add to the ambience of the elegant indoor. The Pantry is designed with Brown wood harmonious with the dining room in order to stay memorable elegance. (Natalia Ririh)

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The Price Of Oil Tebar Threat

World crude oil prices began spreading threat to a number of countries, including Indonesia.


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Perform Simple Si Family Of Stylish Unfinished Space -Cat is not an absolute. The wall only covered cement precisely make room appear more simple, but still unique. The following example family room. "Well, his house was not yet completed, kok, already liveable?" Perhaps the question that comes to mind You when entering the living room. Indeed this stylish unfinished family room. That means there are some elements that left looks unfinished work.

One of them is the wall, which left only covered cement.Display as this removes the impression the official and stiffness. The impression of natural and simple also very noticeably, as the owner of the House is not much play of color, just no white on the floor, ceiling, even on some of the furniture.

But be careful, too, otherwise the jelly, this can make it look like quickly bored because the monotonous. The solution, place elements, such as greenery fresheners or a little game of colors in accessories.

What about the impression of the dark? For the problem on this one was out-manoeuvered by creating openings can be wide and numerous. As we can see in this photo, the room feels so light and open as it is surrounded by wide openings. Another advantage, so it is cool.

Room unfinished to this, more to save expenses as well. Funds for the cat could be allocated to the other. Agree? (Anissa q. Aini/iDEA)

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Malaysia AirAsia Ambil Alih Jakarta-Kinabalu

The route of flight Jakarta-Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, the national airline-owned PT Indonesia AirAsia will be taken over Malaysia AirAsia.


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A Unique wooden Bearing Carriage

Chair of railway bearing. Property Furniture: Furniture Natural Spirit -want something unique fill one corner of your home? This one may have never imagined, a Chair unique and antique wooden bearing train.

A unique wooden bearing this train of bearing train that was not used again. Her age was already old, could reach a hundred yearly. However, don't get me wrong this wood Chair stay strong!

According to the Natural spirit of outlet Furniture, Fortunately Kuntjoro found in the title of the exhibition furniture 2011 at the Jakarta Convention Center, wood Chair padded his train did not easily obsolescent and termite resistant. The secret, the wood passes the process oven in pengeringannya.

If you are interested, there is also a treatment that you have to know. Furnis again wooden chair for two to three years into the future, because if placed outside the home will be exposed to the effects of the scorching heat of the Sun and rain water.

Wooden bearing this train than could be molded into Chair, could also be versatile desk and wardrobe. According to Gladstone, to create furniture, not change the basic shape of the wood train bearing. Only the motive of the wood and the shorter length is adjusted.

Put this unique Chair could you place indoors or outside space. For outside space such as in the home or front porch in one corner of the Park. This vast seats can be booked according to taste, with a maximum length of 2 meters, width 15-20 meters, and a thickness of 7 meters. To enhance the display, you can add batalan Chair with color senada.  (Natalia Ririh)

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Will The Concorde Flying Again

There is an impression of aristocratic owned Concorde, with the position of the aircraft being looked up, and the cockpit is very high from the surface of the Earth.


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China is still the Preferred furniture products in Indonesia

JAKARTA, -Despite the property market in China is not yet stable, in the properties of the products is still of interest. Like in Indonesia, the China-made products property is capable of providing the volume that conceded that meet sales targets.

It is recognized by Meutia Kumala, Merchandise Director Informa Furnishings, where products of furnishings in Informa dominated 50 percent product from China. The remaining 35 per cent from Europe, 10 per cent from Thailand, and the rest are local.

Meutia says, in the China factory amounted to thousands, surely it choose factory that really the best. From the side of economic growth, the population in China reached 1.2 billion with growth in the economy is quite high.

"Before there was relief from the import duties, they (China) have always mengkreasikan an amazing product. We still rely on China because they were able to offset the demand quantity from us. In Indonesia, to the volume of the product as we have yet to fulfill, "he said.

However, Meutia reaffirm that for products Informa, it remained the best. As in the 29th Informa outlets that just opened in the mall's Living World Nature silk home accessories that are present in the 20,000 variants of various well-known manufacturers of the world.

Informa's Living World provides such residential needs for Living, Dining, Bedroom, Kids, Kitchen, Kept Concept in floor 1. For level 2 filled a need for a business like office space, commercial tables and chairs, and beauty commercial.

"The month of May 2011, we plan to complement the needs of the furnishing in the 3rd floor with Lighting, American Classic Furnishings and a Hall that contains 100 percent Indonesia," he explained. (Natalia Ririh)

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5,89 Million Taxpayers Not Obedient

As much as 5.899.624 personal tax payers and reportedly not dutifully fulfill the obligations they convey SPT.


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Gorgeous Bathroom Decorated Flower -Flowers in the mirror and glass partitions. Not a real or artificial flower, which is the interest of cutting sticker. So enter the bathroom, directly feel the sweetness. "Sprinkles flowers" on the glass partition separating the kloset area, and a bathtub, and in the mirror, make this appear festive bathroom. Touches of bright color motif and eliminate the monotone look of the bathroom.

Selection of red petals, not indiscriminate. The source of the color red is from one of the walls, in an area that is covered, kloset red. While black on rods sourced from the color of the top of the table area of the sink. Thus the color matching options appear.

One thing to note if you want to decorate your bathroom with cutting sticker, be careful with humidity and splashes of water. The second thing that can make cutting sticker easily chipped. To avoid this, select the cutting sticker with an adhesive strong enough and impervious to damp.

Similarly, such as wallpapers, cutting sticker also have age wear. Though it may be perekatnya still attached, after approximately five years, usually cutting sticker colors will fade. It's time You replace your old cutting sticker with new ones.

Want to decorate bathroom with cutting sticker as well? Yuk!   (Anissa q. Aini/iDEA)

Photo: iDEA/Richard Salampessy

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Bapepam Admonished Bakrie Life

Bapepam-LK rebuking PT Asuransi Jiwa Bakrie Bakrie Life to complete payment just settle the refund the customer.


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Make the Park Remains beautiful in the pitch black Night -Garden You can enjoy at night. How, by mounting the lights on the bottom of the tree. Installation of the right to make trees and parks so more beautiful.

The beauty of the Park could be redundant in the evening. Dark and even sometimes scary, because the corners of tree-filled park looks dark.

To enjoy it at night, try to add a point of light in the area of your garden. Guaranteed results are very satisfying. The tree that has the organic shape is actually very exciting to be in conjunction.

Grooves-lekukannya precisely give beauty in shape or the shape of your garden. Tired of not seeing the Park which is just a box? The addition of lighting the Park is one of the solution.

Then, how the heck do the argillaceous subsoil explains? Try to refer to the following steps. There are things to be aware of why, among them:

1) type of electric power used is DC (direct electricity). This is more secure because electricity can minimize the risk of leakage cable which causes the shock. Electricity-voltage 9V DC used-12V. Use lights that use a ballast. Ballasts convert AC into DC electricity.

2) in order to be more secure, use a pipe to wrap cables. The pipeline could be planted 15 cm in the ground. Use also the outdoor lights with specifications.

3) Posisikan the bottom lights so that up to 1/3 of the trunk is exposed to light. No need to impose the tree looks all, because that is exposed is a form of liukan branches and the bottom of the tree that gives the impression of spatial pilgrimage.

And this step installation lights:

1) Specify the position of point lights.

2) Measure the distance from the lamp ballasts. Ballast was placed in a secure location (free from distractions resapan water).

3) distance of the light is measured from the line of cables that will be planted. The line should pass through the area which is not much water.

4) For the light, preferably embedded in the prepared hole in the mortar. Mortar placed in the hole the ground can load lights. This is to reduce the risk of water entering into the installation of lights.

5) pairs of wires and lights in the position of point lights and line cord. Use masking tape to waterproof connection cables on lights.

6) close the holes of the former Fort cables neatly. Padatkan up to the cable does not change form due to the mushy when stepped on. (Indra Permana Zaka/iDEA)

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Rp 107 Trillion for Pro's

The Government spends the funds around Rp 107 trillion to promote the program pro people.


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Brick Walls in the bedroom is also Okay -who says the design space to sleep only pure white walls, bed cover, and wooden cabinets. You could make it different. Brick in the wall of the room in conjunction also okay lho!

If you are an avid with everything that smells of nature, this design is certainly fitting. Bemainlah with walls of headboard. Make a point of interest is interesting.

As the wall headboard bedroom. The design is created differently. Usually the walls of the in-use cement and paint finish, this time left natural with unfinished. Brick left exposed here. It looks even more beautiful with the placement of some point lights which light reinforced the texture of the wall. Wall headboard also became a point of interest is interesting in the bedroom.

Display any other piece of furniture can be made in accord with the brick wall eksposnya. Bed cover beds can use materials that are white or natural. So also with selimutnya, can use a natural brown color.

But on the other hand, there is little contrast in the closet. Cabinets made built in on the side of the wall bed instead wear contemporary smoke mirror material. The contrast is interesting. Reflection in a mirror precisely the furniture brings together the entire contents of the room. Space sleep is not too broad yet be more relieved.

Alex, the interior designer of the Genious Loci reveals that the bedroom is indeed made for young couples. The design made casual and not rigid. Suited to the tastes of young couples tend to be casual and receptive to new things.

You are young and want to display different bedroom? Never afraid to try! (Devi f. Yuliwardhani/iDEA)

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Oil Surged Again, Asian Sag

The majority of shares in the Asian SAG this morning. Thus, this is the first decline in the last three days.


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Apa Alasan Kita Bekerja

The reason we work was probably not far from that but if the money is the only reason why people work


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BI, The Rupiahs Steady Guarded

The movement of the rupiah currency stable Monday morning against the US dollar which is still under the level of Rp 8,800.


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The Teddy Waste Bananas Through The European

In the hands of Tien Soebandiri, waste stem of banana leaf can be transformed into a product worth selling high.


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