Brick Walls in the bedroom is also Okay -who says the design space to sleep only pure white walls, bed cover, and wooden cabinets. You could make it different. Brick in the wall of the room in conjunction also okay lho!

If you are an avid with everything that smells of nature, this design is certainly fitting. Bemainlah with walls of headboard. Make a point of interest is interesting.

As the wall headboard bedroom. The design is created differently. Usually the walls of the in-use cement and paint finish, this time left natural with unfinished. Brick left exposed here. It looks even more beautiful with the placement of some point lights which light reinforced the texture of the wall. Wall headboard also became a point of interest is interesting in the bedroom.

Display any other piece of furniture can be made in accord with the brick wall eksposnya. Bed cover beds can use materials that are white or natural. So also with selimutnya, can use a natural brown color.

But on the other hand, there is little contrast in the closet. Cabinets made built in on the side of the wall bed instead wear contemporary smoke mirror material. The contrast is interesting. Reflection in a mirror precisely the furniture brings together the entire contents of the room. Space sleep is not too broad yet be more relieved.

Alex, the interior designer of the Genious Loci reveals that the bedroom is indeed made for young couples. The design made casual and not rigid. Suited to the tastes of young couples tend to be casual and receptive to new things.

You are young and want to display different bedroom? Never afraid to try! (Devi f. Yuliwardhani/iDEA)


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