Home Convenient Interior Duet Fengshui and Results

KOMPAS.com -Often of fengshui and the interior design concept collided in building a House and set up his room. However, both the science is capable of diduetkan into a new composition.

According to The Steven Eric Lazuardi, drafter Hokiplus Solutions For Life, as long as this between Fengshui and the Interior design is considered to collide.

"Practitioners of Fengshui has his argument itself as well as the interior design. Many people run fengshui impressed stiff with science hitungannya, while the interior is very proud with the concept of design, "said Steven to Kompas.com as found in the show talkshow Property 2011 in Pejaten Village Mall, South Jakarta, Saturday (7/2/2011).

Steven himself through the concept of Hokiplus developed the concept of fusion science fengshui with interior. "I want the composition of the House was viewed comfortably without breaking aesthetics of fengshui. For example, to build a room or House, its design has the aesthetics and comfort but also the place of someone, "he explained.

To find the point of the triumph in a person, said Steven in the science of calculating the date of fengshui, month, and year of birth. Once calculated will out position layout of someone. The triumph of this will affect the fortune and luck. "If you already know hitungannya, he will know the poles which are suitable if it makes the good House overlooking where, its doors facing where, and so on," said Steven.

After knowing the poles of, someone can figure out how to form the House comfortably through the broad space, building forms and compositions of color to the room. "For example the Interior main on the color of the House. Don't stiff the fengshui, because House with interior more attractive to people, "he said. (Natalia Ririh)


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