Make the Park Remains beautiful in the pitch black Night -Garden You can enjoy at night. How, by mounting the lights on the bottom of the tree. Installation of the right to make trees and parks so more beautiful.

The beauty of the Park could be redundant in the evening. Dark and even sometimes scary, because the corners of tree-filled park looks dark.

To enjoy it at night, try to add a point of light in the area of your garden. Guaranteed results are very satisfying. The tree that has the organic shape is actually very exciting to be in conjunction.

Grooves-lekukannya precisely give beauty in shape or the shape of your garden. Tired of not seeing the Park which is just a box? The addition of lighting the Park is one of the solution.

Then, how the heck do the argillaceous subsoil explains? Try to refer to the following steps. There are things to be aware of why, among them:

1) type of electric power used is DC (direct electricity). This is more secure because electricity can minimize the risk of leakage cable which causes the shock. Electricity-voltage 9V DC used-12V. Use lights that use a ballast. Ballasts convert AC into DC electricity.

2) in order to be more secure, use a pipe to wrap cables. The pipeline could be planted 15 cm in the ground. Use also the outdoor lights with specifications.

3) Posisikan the bottom lights so that up to 1/3 of the trunk is exposed to light. No need to impose the tree looks all, because that is exposed is a form of liukan branches and the bottom of the tree that gives the impression of spatial pilgrimage.

And this step installation lights:

1) Specify the position of point lights.

2) Measure the distance from the lamp ballasts. Ballast was placed in a secure location (free from distractions resapan water).

3) distance of the light is measured from the line of cables that will be planted. The line should pass through the area which is not much water.

4) For the light, preferably embedded in the prepared hole in the mortar. Mortar placed in the hole the ground can load lights. This is to reduce the risk of water entering into the installation of lights.

5) pairs of wires and lights in the position of point lights and line cord. Use masking tape to waterproof connection cables on lights.

6) close the holes of the former Fort cables neatly. Padatkan up to the cable does not change form due to the mushy when stepped on. (Indra Permana Zaka/iDEA)


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