Mini forest in the front Yard

Design and property: Stump Pangaribuan, natural silk, Serpong, Tangerang. – Forest mini can be created in the yard of a residential home. The plants should be made neat Setup and maintained its growth. It is so small it's invisible forest such as scrub.

Yard House Stump Pangaribuan sized 5mx7m. No fences between yards with residential streets. Plants laid out slightly winding and follow the form outside the building.

Most of the farm yard was closed grass manila. The side of it that are on the front facade, planted the trees with a game high and color gradations. High low game gradations are meant to create value plant beauty.

The front area of crops, planted with varieties of low plants such as lilies of paris. The part behind pine planting types of shrubs as well as shrimp. The more backward, seen the deer horns (Platycerium) and nail-a superimposed on the stem pakuan Palm tree squirrel tail (Wodyetia bifurcate).

The presence of deer horns and nails-pakuan, is generally much visible in the tropical forests, the forests of the atmosphere to give the impression of beautiful. Although only superimposed on three trunks of a Palm tree squirrel tail, but the visual effects inflicted gave a strong atmosphere beautiful.

Not only plants, Garden also utilizes the rocks as percantikan. The edge of the Park is bordered by the coral stones arranged neatly form the curved rhythm positions growing plants. The rocks that, on the side of the external borders again with grass manila.

Amid the expanse of grass, there is a stepping stone from the Temple stones arranged two-two. So, not only the beautiful park, the existence of forest mini also makes the House becomes increasingly attractive. (Goddess of the Kartini/iDEA)


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