Cerita Panas Dewasa Tante girang Minta nambah ngentot

Cerita Panas Dewasa Tante girang Minta nambah ngentot, Readers, IOS operating system update 5 for Apple gadgets it also brings some new features for persons with disabilities, particularly blind. So, not only sighted users are able to enjoy the advantages IOS 5, the gadget users who are blind can feel the benefits.

5 Speaking of IOS updates for the blind, of course not going to discuss about the typographical arrangement or appearance, but its functions. After reading this article, you can decide whether visually impaired users need to update it to the IOS iDevice 5 or not?

The following is the author's experience when trying out the latest update IOS 5 uses the iPad and iPhone 3G. Given the limited gadgets, then the writer can only give limited information that the authors use the iDevice.

From these observations the authors, almost all of the default application IOS 5, including iCloud iMessage and can be accessed by both. Notification feature that many users preferred sighted can be accessed without a hitch.

Oh yes, to feature on the iPhone 4S Siri will not discuss the author. In addition because this feature has been widely discussed, the authors do not have a gadget that support for an investigation.

The author also suggested visually impaired users to buy a bluetooth keyboard for easy navigating or typing on his iDevice.


The author assumes that users with visual impairments have been updated to IOS 5 has enabled applications to help in the device, so it will facilitate the writer in describing the activation for the blind for the first time using Apple's gadget.

Connect your iDevice to a PC or laptop, and switch the latest version of iTunes. If not updated, then the computer will ask if you want to update to IOS 5 or not. Now, please update!

Once the process is complete, then activate the Voice Over screen reader of Universal Access options that exist in iTunes, so that blind people can access it independently iDevice.

Good news! From the exploration of the author, while doing post-update setup IOS 5, the entire setup process can be recognized properly by the Voice Over screen reader, beginning from the charging data, input Apple ID, to the activation of iCloud. So, fellow visually impaired can adjust the setup without a hitch.


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