5 Most Phenomenal Photos in the World 2010

Here are some important moments from the year 2010 related to the Islamic world in various fields such as economic, social, sporting or political photographed and published by the newspaper Al-Awsath Asysyuruq:

1. First Visiting the King of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz to Syria.
During the visit, the King of Saudi Arabia met with Syrian President al-Assad Basyar. This is the first Saudi king to visit Beirut (Syria) for 53 years and also signifies letup political tensions between the two countries after being heated.

2. U.S. president Barack Obama's speech in Egypt.

During his visit to the Islamic countries, President Obama could give a speech in Cairo, Egypt, and expressed his country wishes to re-establish closer relations with the Muslim world after the last few years experiencing tension.

3. The return of former Chairman of the International Nuclear Agency (IAEA), Mohamed El-Baradai to Cairo Egypt.

Many people welcomed the arrival and shouting slogans, "We love ElBaradai", "Together for a change" and "Support ElBaradai candidacy for president of Egypt in 2010."

4. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's meeting with Secretary General of the Lebanese Shia opposition Hezbollah, Hasan Nasrallah.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad for the first time to visit southern Lebanon, and in addition to visits to Lebanese leaders, Ahmadinejad also met with Nasrallah. Hasan Nasrallah in attendance had a chance to give Ahmadinejad a souvenir gun that had been taken from the Israeli army during the ongoing Hezbollah-Israel war.

5. The election of Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup.

Qatar gained the greatest voice in voting event in Zurich to determine host the world cup in 2022 beating the Americans who are also eager to want to host. Victory Qatar to host the world cup special acclaim from Sheik Yusuf Qaradawi who is proud of Qatar can beat United in the election and declare victory for all of Qatar is an Arab and Muslim world.
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Most Beautiful & Sexy Supermodel 2010

Over the years, the development of more advanced modeling course, no exception with the model. The emergence of talented young models, capable of rivaling the famous earlier models. Likewise with their growing years income has increased.
Here are 10 supermodels of the costliest in the world today

1. Gisele Bundchen

Ranking first in the list of highest paid super model held by the Brazilian model, Gisele Bundchen. 28-year-old model revenues to reach U.S. $ 25 million per year. Wife of Tom Brady is until today still become a model of Versace, True Religion jeans, Dior and Ebel watches.

2. Heidi Klum

German super model Heidi Klum has annual revenue of U.S. $ 16 million. Wife of the Seal, a Victoria Secret model, Birkenstock, Diet Coke, Volkswagen, McDonald's, Motorola and was involved in the television show Project Runway.

3. Kate Moss

Kate Moss who was a model of Versace, Longchamp and David Yurman. He also has his own boutique, namely Topshop. No wonder if his income per year to reach U.S. $ 8.5 million.

4. Adriana Lima

Brazilian model, Adriana Lima is favored by famous designers. Income per year from a variety of demonstration and collaboration with leading brands to reach U.S. $ 8 million.

5. Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes, a Dutch model is identical with sexy lips. Alessandra Ambrosio equal income, at U.S. $ 6 million per year. 24-year-old girl was also the latest model from Victoria Secret.

6. Alessandra Ambrosio

Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio, had earnings of U.S. $ 6 million per year. At age 28 she gave birth to her first child, and three months after giving birth she had to look sexy.

7. Natalia Vodianova

Models from Russia was once a model of Etam lingerie, Calvin Klein, Guerlain, and Jacob & Co.. It made its income reached U.S. $ 5.5 million per year.

8. Daria Werbowy

Daria Werbowy began his career from the contest model selection. Contests that followed, making his talent was formed and Louis Vuitton to sign. Werbowy contract with LV reportedly reached U.S. $ 4.5 million per year.

9. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr was the first girl from Australia who became Victoria's Secret model. Contract, XOXO clothing reached U.S. $ 3 million per year. He is active in Australia Unites fundraiser, that is by donating funds for reforestation Australia who suffered severe fire some time ago.

10. Caroline Murphy

Income per year from the United States model is approximately U.S. $ 3 million. Various famous brands to sign as a model, such as Banana Republic and Lord & Taylor. He has also been a Playboy model using a swimsuit.
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Titi Kamal Indonesian Sexy Celebs

Titi Kamal Images Titi Kamal Wallpaper
Titi Kamal Picture Titi Kamal Photo

Titi Kamal was not pregnant, Christian Sugiono already promised to be a husband who claimed siaga.Christian very eagerly awaiting his wife's pregnancy news. "Now is not pregnant. But starting in anticipation for the future. This plan together, so we agreed to stop working Titi first. Now it is time have offspring. Let I wrote that work," said Ambassador Depkominfo this free knowledge.

If the future wife is pregnant, Christian also plans to bring Titi into a cool area. "There is a plan if such pregnant, I said the same Titi, what if my sister moved into place in Bandung. You see there really cool, Titi likes the cold,"said Singh was a movie star.

Christian who was dating a 10-Titi was already mentally prepared to accompany his wife for any future experience cravings. "I heard many stories from friends, if a pregnant woman tuh fuss. I think it's the fair, after all fussy it's only nine months. There is one thing that should be known, I was waiting for pregnancy Titi," said Christian truth.
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Christian Gonzales TIMNAS Indonesia 2010

One scored the goal the Philippines, the Indonesian national team striker Cristian Gonzalez directly Twitter sped to the trending topics. Gonzales scored a goal with his header over bait Firman Utina in the 32nd minute.

This is the first goal that made Indonesia the first round lead at AFF 2010 semi-final first leg at the Bung Karno Main Stadium on Thursday (12/16/2010).

Key word "Christian Gonzales' entry into the world's trending topics list following the word kunic" Indonesian national team. "Twitter users from Indonesia too busy-busy hail Gonzales on the microblogging service.

The phenomenon of the entry of Indonesian national team player name trending topics on Twitter has occurred since the preliminary round AFF 2010 began several weeks ago. Almost in every game, the name of Indonesian players who contributed goals always included in the trending topics or discussion list warmest.

Irfan Bachdim even become celebrity Twitter trouble scoring two goals in two games last preliminary round guarantee when Indonesia Malaysia and Laos. In the third game when Indonesia entertain Thailand, Irfan did not score a goal and Dutch descent new players joining the Indonesian national team this year was not included in the list of Twitter trending topics.

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Fantastis Christian Gonzales ...Christian Gonzales (Koran ...Christian Gonzalez Siap Perkuat Timnas ...
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Julia Perez

Case of alleged abuse involving Julia Perez vs. Goddard Perssik proceeds to the domain of law. Officially, on Friday (10/12) and Jupe was determined to be suspect by the authorities. He is considered guilty of the report that claimed to be persecuted DP co-star is currently filming the movie ghost rocking KARAWANG.

"Yeah right has become suspect since Friday (10/12) ago. I call him from a letter sent to me last Friday. When I read were the words summon suspects Julia Rachmawati. I was surprised to read wrote that the examination summons , said Jupe for me are contacted via telephone, Tuesday (14/12) afternoon.

 ... Julia Perez | Julia-Perez-5 ... Julia Perez | Julia-Perez-2Jupe Photo Julia Perez Pic ... ... : Julia Perez Hot Bath-perez007.jpg Julia Perez ...Julia Perez - Photograph at ...
In the letter, Jupe asked to come to the Police Matraman to meet the call of the first inspection on Wednesday (15/12) tomorrow at 10.00 am. "To be honest I am still very confused and can not say anything. I still question the basis of what I become suspect. Kaget Indonesia is spelled out for people I become suspect," he said.

Jupe Admittedly, he had heard the news if DP would soon revoke his report. Unfortunately, it did not materialize into reality. "Yeah, I also had read it in online media kapanlagi.com and said that if Goddard had pulled its report after a reconciliation meeting that," Jupe said, "But where's the evidence? I even set a suspect."

"I do not know, the Goddess of his lying, the police are lying, or no police intervention that did not want to stop the case. I'll ask them tomorrow," continued Jupe who will be accompanied by his lawyer to the police Matraman.
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Butterfly tattoo Design

All butterflies are differentiated, it is their uniqueness! Likewise, you can have a large selection of designs and patterns that you get when it comes to the butterfly tattoo on her hip. The reason can vary the design and the pattern of a butterfly tattoo, as there is no gold standard! Here are some of the patterns and designs that you can see!

Tribal butterfly tattoos

Tribal butterfly tattoo on the hip is the connection with Mother Nature. You are placing the tattoo on her hip, a private body areas, which covers most of the time for conservative reasons. So the choice of the tattoo also shows that it is connected in the womb's inner nature, if it is not visible.

Butterfly Tattoos

Small butterfly tattoo on her hip looks very sexy. It seems two or three small butterflies in different positions, was signed at the hip. Many girls decide the number of butterflies in relation to people who want to represent. For example, one of my friends signed three butterflies on the hips, respectively, and their two best friends.

Celtic butterfly tattoos

Celtic butterfly tattoos on the hip looks incredibly awesome! His work node incredible artistic and bold tattoo designs that stand out and his personality. In fact, the lure of Celtic tattoo butterfly give a masculine look that men will also be able butterfly tattoos, no "female" tattoo making as marked.

Color Butterfly Tattoo

Color is the feature and the definition of a butterfly! You can make your hips butterfly tattoo color choices that define your personality and your complexion. Color models of butterfly tattoo design might strange that her eyes only to put the tattoo show every time! You can choose one or two colors, the color of the butterfly tattoo hip.

Butterfly tattoos black and white

Butterfly hip tattoos in black and white girls are once again appeal to the elegant appearance of the tattoo. Share your personality when you're the one who has seen the end faces of life, both negative and positive, adapted to him and then brought to experience an entirely new character. If you do not want to go so deep, white and black, which in any case, a stylish combination, but to ensure that it is for your skin and the visibility clear enough to reveal details of the tattoo.

Butterfly TattooButterfly Tattoo
Japanese TattooJapanese Tattoo Butterfly 
Japanese Butterfly TattooJapanese Butterfly Tattoo
Full body Butterfly tattooFull body Butterfly tattoo
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Harga Blackberry Torch 9800

Harga Blackberry Torch 9800Blackberry 9800 Torch will be available in the market via AT & T on August 12, 2010. Torch Blackberry 9800 is $ 199 or about USD 1.8 million with a two-year service agreement. After the initial exclusive availability on the Torch, the BlackBerry OS 6 will be available as an upgrade for 9700 and 9650, and the BlackBerry Pearl 3G. RIM does not mention either the Storm or Storm2 upgrades. RIM does not explain why, but now they use a click-down SurePress screen that can prevent them from using the BlackBerry 6 as appropriate.

Torch Blackberry 9800, blackberry prices already know yet torch 9800. But before we look at the specifications of the blackberry 9800 this torch. Blackberry torch is a slide-keyboard smartphone with 3.2-inch touch screen and slide out QWERTY keyboard below the screen. This is a package of 5-megapixel camera, AT & T's 3G network and foreign networks, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS.

Blackberry Torch 9800 Harga Torch Blackberry 9800 is the first BlackBerry that combines the physical keyboard and touch screen, run with blackberry operating system 6. Torch Blackberry 9800 has a resolution of 480x360 (HVGA) plus a built-in memory capacity of 4 Gigabite (GB) and 512 Megabite Flash Memory (MB). BlackBerry Operating System 6 includes a universal search, universal inbox, and a new Web browser, which should be more faithful to the desktop Web pages. Torch can sync with both Windows Media Player and iTunes, and allows the synchronization of the Wi-Fi music, wirelessly, with the PC. BlackBerry App World is their app store.

Price Blackberry 9800 Torch was fairly cheap yaks, but unfortunately it is not price in the Indonesian market, until now has not known when the entry in Indonesia and of course the price is also definitely different. Can be more expensive again.
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TIPS TO KNOW ITS EARLY PREGNANT SEX Guessing Baby Gender / Fetus Pregnancy

How do I find out the sex of the child or determine the sex of the fetus / baby that was conceived during pregnancy is certainly interesting to know. Moreover, the myth has been circulating about the early signs of pregnancy will determine the sex of a baby girl or boy. Of course can not be arbitrary guess what kind jelamin our children yes. Do not get much hope from reality.

Actually get a boy or a girl for me just the same. The most important is to understand how to tell the sex of a fetus that was conceived by the mother during pregnancy it is easier to prepare his needs after giving birth and giving an appropriate name. Besides prayer while still in the womb are also on target. We fervently pray for children who may be Solehah because pingin had a daughter, was born are boys:)

Why not now existing ultrasound technology or even the 3D shape of any dimension that can show a photographic image of the fetus? Why still bother to use the traditional way to know the sex of the baby!

The answer is very simple: not everyone have money and there are still unsure of the side effects the use of ultrasound technology to the developing baby while still in the mother's abdomen. Understandably, not all technologies have positive impact for the lives ya. And the technology is very expensive.

Here I present the traditional way children naturally learn the sex of the baby by looking at the signs of pregnancy the mother. Whether or not these are very relative.

Signs of Pregnancy Your Baby Candidate Male sex
  • You do not experience morning sickness during early pregnancy
  • Your baby's heart rate per minute is less than 140detak
  • You will feel the weight of the load on the front of your body
  • Your stomach will look perfectly round like a basketball
  • Regional areola (dark area around the nipple) of your darker
  • The stomach you are more inclined downward
  • You are craving salty and acidic foods
  • Your food cravings mengadung protein such as meat and cheese
  • The palm of your foot feels colder than before your pregnancy
  • Your hands feel dry
  • Your face is facing toward north while sleeping
  • Your husband gained weight, just like you
  • You look more beautiful than ever
  • Your urine is bright yellow
  • Your nose looks more blooms
  • If you hang your mating ring over your belly eating the ring will move rotate
  • You have a headache
Early Pregnancy Signs Your Baby Women Candidates
  • You are experiencing morning sickness in early pregnancy
  • Your baby's heart rate at least 140 beats per minute
  • You will feel the weight of the load on the hips and back
  • Breast part of your left breast is bigger than the right side your
  • Your hair grows more red color than the previous
  • Shape your stomach will be biased upward
  • Your stomach will appear in an oval like watermelon fruit
  • You are craving sweet foods
  • You are craving fruit
  • You are craving orange juice
  • You look more talkative than before pregnancy
  • You will feel more moody than before pregnancy
  • Skin Your face looks more problematic than the previous
  • You refuse to eat bread with her skin
  • Your breasts look very fluffy
  • Your face when sleeping facing south
  • Your urine is yellow dull
  • If you hang your mating ring over your belly eating the ring will move from the right side left or vice versa.
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Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations
Do you have plans for Christmas will be delayed because of his busy schedule? Are you with the problem of time, while the lack of Christmas is around the corner? If you are looking for Christmas decorations and plan all the preparation has been done, so do not worry. Here also are several online sites, the great help to decorate your lovely place. Through these portals, the materials most beautiful decoration that you improve your home in the best conditions.

Therefore, before the big day actually arrives, it is really important for your home. There are two ways you can plan to decorate your environment, the range of traditional and modern accessories. Both forms are unique in their own areas and depends on the home fans.

Maybe some accessories, Christmas decorations

Here are some accessories that can be used for decoration. Including Christmas trees, cards and gifts, Santa Claus figures, flowers, balloons, socks, bows, sugar cane, lights, stars and glitter, artificial candles, wreaths, mistletoe, pictures, angels, poinsettias and more.
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Merry Christmas 2010 Greeting Cards

Noël est l'un des meilleurs moments de l'année. Il est prévu beaucoup et aimé de tous. Il ya beaucoup de traditions particulières que les gens autour de célébrer Noël. Il est une occasion spéciale et vous voulez passer votre joie avec tout le monde cette saison de vacances. Une des meilleures traditions pour de nombreuses personnes est l'échange de cartes de Noël. Si vous cherchez quelque chose de joyeux Noël pour les différentes cartes de 2010, c'est le bon endroit, nous avons des spéciaux de Noël 2010 cartes de souhaits ainsi. Étendre les joies de Noël parmi vos proches avec cette belle eCards Noël 2010, des vœux de Noël et cartes de Noël 2010. Ici, nous aimerions partager avec vous quelque chose de particulier gratuit en ligne de Noël cartes de souhaits, cartes de Noël joyeux, salutations nouvelle année 2010 et 2010 E-cartes de Noël. Ainsi se préparent et envoyer gratuitement des vœux de Noël à vos amis et famille et je leur souhaite un très joyeux Noël 2010.

Christmas 2010 Greeting CardsChristmas 2010 Greeting CardsChristmas 2010 Greeting CardsChristmas 2010 Greeting CardsMerry Christmas 2010Card Christmas 2010Ecard Christmas 2010Tree Christmas 2010Christmas 2010 Idea CardChristmas 2010 and happy new years
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