Elegant Rooms With Wooden Furniture

Insulating wood. Property furniture: My Solo Home

KOMPAS.com -Felt need a touch of elegance in your home that conception of modern or minimalist? Try to fill with elegant furniture. The answer is to try to fill the room with wooden furniture.

In My Home outlet in Solo Exhibition Furniture in 2011 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), which moves in the interior furniture specialist wood (solid wood), teak and mahogany conjured into furniture design simple but elegant.

An example is the screen room is colored brown, with the carving of salak motif line rhythm as a distinctive trademark. The screen room is designed as if it has a wedge-wedge shapes box, which makes it not impressed.

Agus, the architect of My Home Solo says selection of teak and mahogany in furniturnya, guaranteed to have a good, durable fiber, and strong. Because before the work was, the wood is dried before the cut.

To foster the impression of elegant wood furniture in the room, precisely selected with dark colors. If you are interested in equipping one room with a set of furniture with the same design, My Home Solo is capable of serving as your request. (Natalia Ririh)


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