"Minibar" as Screen Space

Roderick Adrian marque Lamont Dixon/compass. comMinibar. Property: The Brass City Jakarta

KOMPAS.com – in the space of the apartment, activity in the pantry adjacent to the dining room looks less fun, especially when the owner of a house guest in the dining Center serving guests dining room. To separate activity in two spaces, you can outsmart by placing a minibar as the screen.

In interior design in the brass City for example apartment suites with three bedrooms and an area of 134 square meters, for example, minibar placed with an altitude of about 110-115 sentimer and the width of the table minibar 30-40 centimeters. Minibar was not wearing a seat because its function hindered the dining room and pantry.

Harmonious with the color color minibar dining room and pantry, dominated by the color brown. Brown was selected as the color of the simple but elegant to give the feel of an elegant apartment anyway.

The game is not too bright lights add to the ambience of the elegant indoor. The Pantry is designed with Brown wood harmonious with the dining room in order to stay memorable elegance. (Natalia Ririh)


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