Get around the narrow Room with a mirror

Roderick Adrian marque Lamont Dixon/compass. comCermin in the narrow Space in the apartment. Location: The Brass City, South Jakarta – Lived in the apartment with a narrow room space like living in a box. However, if You know how to menyiasatinya, then the narrow room will not be menghimpit.

Like the interior of the apartment e.g. Brass City for two bedroom Executive rooms with an area of 82 square meters, the narrow added bedroom mirror so impressed. The mirror became a potent weapon to give the impression of broad indoors because it reflects the room doubled.

However, the placement of the mirror is also not good when fitted as a whole. You simply choose one hand to a new mirror. The selection of variations of the mirror in the room can also be varied, depending on the room you have. In the bedroom apartment example Brass City, selected the mirror motif that is affixed to the wall extends.

Who should You consider in putting up a mirror, is her placement must not be adjacent to another because of the risk of broken furniture. Cleanliness of mirrors also should take precedence, for example by cleaning it from stains and mildew that remained impressed nodes. (Natalia Ririh)


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