Mango Tree wood furniture

Mango Tree wood furniture. Pfroperti Furniture: Furniture Natural Spirit -when you want to choose furniture from wood, usually only know some types of wood as the material creation. Call it the oak wood, known most sturdy, or other wood such as Mahogany and Trembesi.

It turns out, there is one more timber trees that could be material for the manufacture of furniture products. The wood of trees of Mango.

According to the spirit of The Furniture, Fortunately Kuntjoro, found in the exhibition Furniture in 2011 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), mango tree wood had not been previously considered. However, lately the wood with textures different from the person concerned during this began to become potential new furniture.

Mango tree wood which can not be the young wood, Lucky chose the wood tree Mango aged 50-60 years. For the enthusiasts of these furniture products not only local, but also serves the demand of Korea, Turkey, and Spain. (Natalia Ririh)


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