Gorgeous Bathroom Decorated Flower

KOMPAS.com -Flowers in the mirror and glass partitions. Not a real or artificial flower, which is the interest of cutting sticker. So enter the bathroom, directly feel the sweetness. "Sprinkles flowers" on the glass partition separating the kloset area, and a bathtub, and in the mirror, make this appear festive bathroom. Touches of bright color motif and eliminate the monotone look of the bathroom.

Selection of red petals, not indiscriminate. The source of the color red is from one of the walls, in an area that is covered, kloset red. While black on rods sourced from the color of the top of the table area of the sink. Thus the color matching options appear.

One thing to note if you want to decorate your bathroom with cutting sticker, be careful with humidity and splashes of water. The second thing that can make cutting sticker easily chipped. To avoid this, select the cutting sticker with an adhesive strong enough and impervious to damp.

Similarly, such as wallpapers, cutting sticker also have age wear. Though it may be perekatnya still attached, after approximately five years, usually cutting sticker colors will fade. It's time You replace your old cutting sticker with new ones.

Want to decorate bathroom with cutting sticker as well? Yuk!   (Anissa q. Aini/iDEA)

Photo: iDEA/Richard Salampessy


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