Resort-Style Swimming Pool: Holiday Feeling Every Day -swimming pool, surrounded by green grass and plants, equipped gazebo at one of its corners. Hmm, he's swimming pool la resort in Bali. Interested?

Have a House complete with swimming pool, it could be a capital to create the atmosphere of the resort, in the home. Important smart styling and beautify the area outside it.

We start with the design of the swimming pool. There should always be square or box. Funny also make pool elliptical or snaking follows the shape of the land. Thus, the shape of the pool at once became a decorative element. Now it's time to design what to do with the land around it.

In this photo, we can see the area's pool of one unit of the Villa, in Vila Kamandalu, Bali. May, so the cheat sheet, nih. Tropical atmosphere is felt here. The whole land, around the swimming pool, covered the expanse of elephant grass. In every corner, placed the tropical crops.

The atmosphere of ala resort increasingly feels to attach the gazebo, in one corner of the pool area. Don't forget also several lounge chairs. If it looks already like this, the area of the swimming pool can be an alternative place of family recreation. Feeling the holiday every day.

We are also able to utilize the area for certain events. In the evening, we could create a warm and familiar atmosphere with the fluorescent light from candles which floats on the surface of the water pool. Entertaining special guests with an atmosphere like this, guaranteed to make them impressed and more comfortable. Want to try? (Anissa q. Aini/iDEA)


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