Cerita dewasa pemerkosaan selingkuh panas

Cerita dewasa pemerkosaan selingkuh panas Paris Saint Germain sporting director Leonardo said he met former Chelsea coach, Carlo Ancelotti, and Real Madrid midfielder, Ricardo Kaka, some time ago, but not to recruit them.

Since controlled Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) on 31 May, Paris Saint Germain (PSG) showed ambition to become a more influential club, both in France and Europe, by recruiting a number of talented young players such as midfielder Javier Pastore, Jeremy Menez, and goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu.

According to reports in France, PSG plans to recruit more people who will increasingly raise their reputation and achievements. Ancelotti also called PSG target list, especially after Leonardo and Ancelotti met in Paris last week.

"Ancelotti was in Paris and I met him. I also met Kaka. My job is to meet people," said Leonardo.

"Now, everyone looked at PSG. This is a new situation, but good for the club. My job is to talk with everyone, not to recruit them, but building a network. We have to think about the future."

"I do not offer anything to Ancelotti. There is no negotiation. (PSG coach) Antoine Kombouare know the circumstances. We (Leonardo and Kombouare) has been widely discussed, and everything is very clear," he said.
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Togel Hongkong Singapura Malaysia Indonesia

Togel Hongkong Singapura Malaysia Indonesia - European stock markets and the euro single currency will continue to face turmoil in 2012, after the ups and downs during the year 2011 due to the crisis in the European region. Conditions in the year 2012 would be roughly the same as in 2011.

Stock indexes in Europe since the beginning of the year until mid-cap the year 2011 has declined between 6.5% to 25%. While the euro slipped 2.5% was recorded against the U.S. dollar in highly volatile trade.

While the level of bond yields on euro zone a sharp shot at the end of 2011 because investors want a high return for money loaned to the state-debt countries such as Greece and Italy.

"Trying to project where the dollar, euro, gold, oil or the stock market in the West will end next year is roughly equal to that happening at this time last year," said Howard Wheeldon, senior analyst at BGC Partners, as quoted by AFP on Monday (26/12/2011).

"Who could have imagined that 11 months ago we would be talking not only about the collapse of the euro zone but also the possible outbreak of the European Union?" he added.

"Who would think that in a short time, European countries will effectively stalled and the landing and the return of the growth outlook for virtually nothing?" Wheeldon imuh again.

Debt crisis in the eurozone has dominated the market sentiment during the year 2011 and is widely predicted to be the focus in 2012, at least at the beginning of the year. Another sentiment geopolitical factors and the fight for the White House, aka the U.S. Presidential Election.

The euro ended the year with slumped under U.S. $ 1.30 and went through its lowest point since early 2011. On Friday (12.23.2011), the euro recovered slightly and was trading at U.S. $ 1.3076.

But against the yen, the euro slumped to a point terandahnya in 10 years in September, as investors reacted to mounting economic uncertainty and falling stock markets in Europe and the U.S..

"The year 2012 seems to be dominated by the search for 'safe havens' in the forex market because the risk is present everywhere," explains lrich Leuchtmann, analyst with Commerzbank.

"The crisis threatens the euro zone debt continue to rise or at least become a permanent institution associated with the high level of uncertainty. Simultaneous global economy fell into recession or weak growth," he added.

"Seeing all these dangers, the U.S. dollar will probably turn into real winners," added Leuchtmann. Investments 'safe-haven' other after the U.S. dollar is the yen and gold.

Although the euro recorded its lowest point so far this year against the U.S. dollar, but in early May, the euro had penetrated its highest point in 16 months at U.S. $ 1.4940 as weak U.S. economic data as well as investors responded giving a bailout to Portugal's debt crisis.

"For 2012, the euro zone crisis seems to still be a major issue. Greece would seem to have failed to pay and other countries such as Italy will require a restructuring of debt," said Neil MacKinnon, economist at VTB Capital.

Among European stock markets, Milan bourse recorded the largest decrease by 25% since the beginning of 2011. Investors concerned about the possible bailout of Italy which is the third largest country in Europe.

While the FTSE 100 index fell 6.5% was recorded to the range of 5,500, down 15% Frankfurt, Paris and Madrid fell 18% down 13%.
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Cerita lucah malam pertama

Cerita lucah malam pertama has submitted a forensic audit of the Bank Century case to the House. The new round of the completion of the Bank Century case began.

"So after receipt of the results of a forensic audit of the Century case of CPC, yesterday was the start of the beginning of a new round of Timwas Century in overseeing the Bank Century case investigation," said Vice Chairman of the House, Taufik Kurniawan, told AFP on Monday (26/12/2011).

House leaders had held a consultation meeting. Furthermore, House leaders will ask for the names of new members Timwas Century, the faction leaders in the House.

"In the House leadership consultation meeting, it was agreed we would do again to reconfirm the members of the faction leaders Timwas Century. After that then followed up with internal meetings Timwas Century has extended his employment on December 15 last," said Taufik.

Furthermore, Timwas Century will start working. Study the findings of the CPC, and submit to the law enforcement measures that need to be done.

"Of course, the post will be filled forensic audit CPC associated with the following agenda follow-Century Timwas fully and thoroughly. This is something related to the discussion of the forensic audit submitted to the CPC Timwas Century. Until the point that the leadership could not intervene," said Taufik.

Then if it still allows the completion of the Bank Century case with political channels with the use of the right to express opinion? "The possibility can occur according to the dynamic development in Timwas Century," he said.
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Foto Dewi persik

Foto Dewi persik originally held in Cirebon, were canceled because criticized by some Islamic Organizations. One member of the Republic Love Management (RCM), Dewi Persik actually admitted to not knowing about the ban.

"The why I do not know. Not there also let me," said Dewi after doing the trial in East Jakarta District Court, Road Milling, Pondok Kopi, East Jakarta, Wednesday (14/12/2011).

Even so, the woman who was familiarly called DP is still not feel disappointed. He still thinks well against the big boss.

"Maybe Mas Dhani did not invite me because I was too much trouble. So let Dewi Persik focus on the problem first," he said wisely.

Owner wobble saws, remains convinced that he still get honor from the frontman RCM. "Always remember that Mas Dhani same time I still transferred anyway," he said, smiling.
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Cerita Malam pertama pengantin baru

Cerita Malam pertama pengantin baru In living a love affair, it is often said break a scourge for you and your partner. But there are actually some benefits that you can from that critical moment.
Every relationship must have experienced a complicated problem. Disconnect is not the only way to resolve the issue. In these critical times 'break' is the right decision to be taken.
In the 'break' you and your partner do not need to contact each other in order to focus introspection themselves and dampen emotions. As reported by All Woman's Talk, here's five benefits of 'break' in the relationship.
1. Provide SpaceSometimes a very intense relationship and your partner makes you almost do not have time for yourself. During the break, there is a distance between you and your partner so that each individual has a little space that frees you both for taking a break from the boredom and fatigue that had been established relationship.
2. Know YourselfThe reason to make yourself a break sometimes be even better. Yes, of course in a while ma sa solitude, you have plenty of time to correct yourself as a free individual, not the individual is bound. You can correct your flaws and fix yourself so that you will learn more about how your character really is.
3. Becoming More CalmBig fight with your spouse makes you depressed and emotional. During the break, you can stop for a moment of commotion that takes a lot of energy. You can think again about the problem you are facing and become more calm. Break also can avoid the fights are more intense.
4. Time To Measure CompatibilityMaybe all this time you are in doubt about your love relationship, whether to continue or terminate the relationship. When you and your partner split up for quite a long time, it's time to make the decision. If you feel more comfortable and happy with your solitude, perhaps you do need to end your relationship. But if you feel you need him more than when you are with him, may improve the relationship between you and your partner is the best decision.
5. Finding What You WantBreak you can use to find exactly what you want from your partner. Do you want a more serious relationship, or are you more interested in meeting new people or just you have a goal each conflicting. Find exactly what you want so that when the break is over you can make decisions in accordance with your conscience.
6. Creating a PriorityMaybe the reason you and your partner break is to both understand what the priorities both of you. Maybe you want to continue school, while your partner wants to get married. If indeed you and partner could still compromise the priority of each, then this relationship can be transmitted. If indeed you both do not find a middle ground, trying to think back to what the priorities of your life today and in the future.
7. Ensuring FeelingsIt could be your break with a partner because of boredom or just no longer feel the love in the relationship. Separation of you and your partner will give pause to the feelings you both. If absence makes you miss with what you have passed with a partner, maybe you're just bored with the routine that's it. If it turns out for not meeting him makes you feel better and you feel increasingly bland, could have indeed been no love between you.
Remember, break not mean to break up. It is time to correct the error and wishes of each individual. In general, the break occurred because of boredom, doubt, and lack of love between you and your partner. And at this time, you can discover what things are missing from the relationship. Although not rare break into the beginning of the end of a relationship, but the break may have a positive impact to your relationship because everyone needs time alone.
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Foto Yuni shara terbaru

Although already severed ties with Raffi Ahmad, Yuni claimed that the best kept praying for her former lover. He claimed to want to get the best Raffi.

"I continue to pray Raffi hopefully he's getting the best," said mother of two children was accompanied by his friend, Iis Dhalia when found in Semarang, Central Java.

On occasion, Yuni also denied he was messing around in living romance with Raffi. He reveals himself and Raffi are equally serious dating although they had run aground in the middle of the road.

"We love each other and love, but yes please," he explained.

Yuni and Raffi has knit relationship as lovers for three years. Had claimed the break, they now have to make sure that their relationship has ended.
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Cerita Panas Dewasa Tante girang Minta nambah ngentot

Cerita Panas Dewasa Tante girang Minta nambah ngentot, Readers, IOS operating system update 5 for Apple gadgets it also brings some new features for persons with disabilities, particularly blind. So, not only sighted users are able to enjoy the advantages IOS 5, the gadget users who are blind can feel the benefits.

5 Speaking of IOS updates for the blind, of course not going to discuss about the typographical arrangement or appearance, but its functions. After reading this article, you can decide whether visually impaired users need to update it to the IOS iDevice 5 or not?

The following is the author's experience when trying out the latest update IOS 5 uses the iPad and iPhone 3G. Given the limited gadgets, then the writer can only give limited information that the authors use the iDevice.

From these observations the authors, almost all of the default application IOS 5, including iCloud iMessage and can be accessed by both. Notification feature that many users preferred sighted can be accessed without a hitch.

Oh yes, to feature on the iPhone 4S Siri will not discuss the author. In addition because this feature has been widely discussed, the authors do not have a gadget that support for an investigation.

The author also suggested visually impaired users to buy a bluetooth keyboard for easy navigating or typing on his iDevice.


The author assumes that users with visual impairments have been updated to IOS 5 has enabled applications to help in the device, so it will facilitate the writer in describing the activation for the blind for the first time using Apple's gadget.

Connect your iDevice to a PC or laptop, and switch the latest version of iTunes. If not updated, then the computer will ask if you want to update to IOS 5 or not. Now, please update!

Once the process is complete, then activate the Voice Over screen reader of Universal Access options that exist in iTunes, so that blind people can access it independently iDevice.

Good news! From the exploration of the author, while doing post-update setup IOS 5, the entire setup process can be recognized properly by the Voice Over screen reader, beginning from the charging data, input Apple ID, to the activation of iCloud. So, fellow visually impaired can adjust the setup without a hitch.
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Cerita tante girang Mesum sama anak SMP

Cerita tante girang Mesum sama anak SMP We announced the presence of a service Nomer HP Tante girang that allows users to enjoy music through the Android Market. Tante mesum certainly is an answer to a similar service that has been previously presented by Nokia, Apple, and Amazon.

All seek to provide convenience to handset users to access and enjoy music directly from the handset.

A business decision is supported by the behavior of the majority of technology users are willing to invest to enjoy digital content and is supported by a technology that can reduce duplication. Unfortunately, this behavior does not apply in all countries.

In Indonesia of educated technology users tend to have a lower appreciation of digital technology products. The desire to invest the time to enjoy the product content is still very small. This perception is allegedly donated an incorrect understanding of the nature of program code.

Why is that? Because when we talk of program code, the determination of the code is open or closed is a full right of the developer. When the code has been transformed into a software (content), again the developer has the right to determine whether the content will be free or paid content.

Unfortunately, the regulators just yelling at the code level. The Toket Tante girang perception among the educated has already become ambiguous because it can not distinguish between free content and free content. This is very detrimental to software developers and digital creative industry players.

But we must be grateful, even among educated dominate the decision, but the amount is not significant when compared with 230 million population of Indonesia.

Under the Pyramid

The majority of us may have never bought a cassette or CD music, but it turns out the new songs are still present. Technology Ring Back Tone (RBT) is the one that makes us still working musicians.

The majority of local musicians are not concerned with the sale of the CD / cassette pirated, because RBT can not be hijacked and users are required to register with and then cut off pulse.

Contributions under the pyramid users of mobile technology contribute significantly to the RBT industry in Indonesia. Users of mobile technology in the bottom of the pyramid is likely to be more consumptive and although their purchasing power is low, but the desire to enjoy digital technology products especially those that can be consumed through the handset was very large.

Multiplier factor of the number of users that generate the numbers are fantastic. Not surprisingly, refers to data from the Department of Industry, the value of the content industry in Indonesia reached a total of 11 trillion rupiah in 2011.

Thanks to anyone who has brought technology to the market RBT Indonesia, which has made mobile service users in Indonesia are familiar with the scenario pieces pulses. Some stores selling content, such as Ovi Store, was eventually provide content with a mechanism to buy pieces of pulses in Indonesia.

The most Memek tante girang essential question is when the application would become a commodity such as RBT, who will host? Are local developers as well as local musicians in the realm of RBT or again outside developers?
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Foto Tante Girang

Foto Tante Girang, Renowned musician Elton John will hold a concert in Jakarta on 18 November. VIP concert ticket prices for the USD 12 million. Wow Koleksi foto SPG seksi.

But do not worry, Cerita Nakal Dewasa Hot Mantap Seksi for a concert that was held the Big Daddy Live Concerts, tickets are divided into seven categories. Class 2 priced USD 5 million. While grade 3 & 4 with the same price of Rp 2.5 million. The most expensive class of Rp 650 thousand for Lihat Foto cewek bugil Montok Telanjang. Thus was launched from myticket, Monday (10/10/2011).

Until now the promoters have not announced when tickets to a concert that was held at Sentul International Convention Center that will go on sale. Myticket site was chosen as the place of purchase online to a concert entitled 'Greatest Hits Elton John and Band Tour' it on Cerita Dewasa Toket ABG Memek Tante.

In his tour, Elton will bring the band accompaniment that consists of Jonston Davey, Nigel Olsson, Robert Birch, Jeffrey Bullard and John Mahon. Not only that, there will be four people who accompanied the singer Elton. They are Rose Stone Artis Indonesia Telanjang Bugil (Sly and The Family Stone), Lisa Banks, Ta Ta Vega and Alice Witherspoon.

Sir Elton Hercules John was born on March 25, 1947 in , England. He began to cultivate the music world in 1951 and chose the piano as an instrument of his idol. Until now spouse of David Furnish it has released 30 albums.
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Koleksi Foto SPG seksi

Koleksi Foto SPG seksi, Actress Laura Basuki role as a journalist in her latest film named Hanum Lihat Foto cewek bugil Montok Telanjang. She also asked the director to such Hollywood actress Natalie Portman who also portrayed the journalist in the movie 'Foto Seksi Cinta Laura terbaru 2011'.

"For the character of the director wanted his own like Natalie Portman in Closer," Laura said when met on the set, the Cardamon Cafe, Pejaten Barat, South Jakarta, ABG Bugil Pengen Telanjang Mantap Terbaru 2011 on Monday (10/10/2011).

Although asked to close acted like Hollywood stars, she did not necessarily imitate it. He said every actress has the character of each in acting.

"But maybe not the same, because Artis Indonesia Telanjang Bugil each player must have the character of each and how to play each one," said virgin who began his career as an actress in the movie 'It's the ball' it.

Furthermore, the wife of Leo's Sanjaya said, Luna Maya Foto Bugil Telanjang Terbaru also often watch Hollywood films as references. One of them, a superhero film 'Spider-man' and 'Superman' as the second character in the film's hero is a journalist.
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Video Mesum Pelajar SMA

Video Mesum Pelajar SMA kepergok bermesraan di pinggir kali, ketauan kepergok ABG SMA langsung meninggalkan lokasi.

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Cerita Panas Dapet rejeki ngentot penyanyi

Hello kawan semua kali ini aku mau update tentang Cerita Panas Dapet rejeki ngentot penyanyi, apa anda suka dengan judul nya ? hmmm menarik bukan ? ketiban rejeki ngentotin cewek, manis, mulus pinter nyanyi lagi, gimana tak sabar ingin mebaca Cerita Panas Dapet rejeki ngentot penyanyi ? ok di lanjut bacanya ...

Malam itu aku dinner dengan clientku di sebuah cafe. Sebuah band tampil menghibur pengunjung cafe dengan musik jazz. Lagu "I'm Old Fashioned" dimainkan dengan cukup baik. Aku memperhatikan sang penyanyi. Seorang gadis berusia kira-kira 26 tahun. Suaranya memang sangat jazzy. Gadis ini wajahnya tidak terlalu cantik. Tingginya kurang lebih 160 cm/55 kg. Tubuhnya padat berisi. Ukuran payudaranya sekitar 36B. Kelebihannya adalah lesung pipitnya. Senyumnya manis dan matanya berbinar indah. Cukup seksi. Apalagi suaranya. Membuat telingaku fresh.

"Para pengunjung sekalian.. Malam ini saya, Felicia bersama band akan menemani anda semua. Jika ada yang ingin bernyanyi bersama saya, mari.. saya persilakan. Atau jika ingin request lagu.. silakan".

Penyanyi yang ternyata bernama Felicia itu mulai menyapa pengunjung Cafe. Aku hanya tertarik mendengar suaranya. Percakapan dengan client menyita perhatianku. Sampai kemudian telingaku menangkap perubahan cara bermain dari sang keyboardist. Aku melihat ke arah band tersebut dan melihat Felicia ternyata bermain keyboard juga.

Felicia bermain solo keyboard sambil menyanyikan lagu "All of Me". Lagu Jazz yang sangat sederhana. Aku menikmati semua jenis musik dan berusaha mengerti semua jenis musik. Termasuk jazz yang memang 'brain music'. Musik cerdas yang membuat otakku berpikir setiap mendengarnya. Felicia ternyata bermain sangat aman. Aku terkesima menemukan seorang penyanyi cafe yang mampu bermain keyboard dengan baik. Tiba-tiba aku menjadi sangat tertarik dengan Felicia. Aku menuliskan request laguku dan memberikannya melalui pelayan cafe tersebut.

"The Boy From Ipanema, please.. And your cellular number. 081xx. From Boy.", tulisku di kertas request sekaligus menuliskan nomor HP-ku. Aku melanjutkan percakapan dengan clientku dan tak lama kemudian aku mendengar suara Felicia.
"The Boy From Ipanema.. Untuk Mr. Boy..?"

Bahasa tubuh Felicia menunjukkan bahwa dia ingin tahu dimana aku duduk. Aku melambaikan tanganku dan tersenyum ke arahnya. Posisi dudukku tepat di depan band tersebut. Jadi, dengan jelas Felicia bisa melihatku. Kulihat Felicia membalas senyumku. Dia mulai memainkan keyboardnya. Sambil bermain dan bernyanyi, matanya menatapku. Aku pun menatapnya. Untuk menggodanya, aku mengedipkan mataku. Aku kembali berbicara dengan clientku. Tak lama kudengar suara Felicia menghilang dan berganti dengan suara penyanyi pria. Kulihat sekilas Felicia tidak nampak. Tit.. Tit.. Tit.. SMS di HP-ku berbunyi.

"Felicia." tampak pesan SMS di HP-ku. Wah.. Felicia meresponsku. Segera kutelepon dia.
"Hai.. Aku Boy. Kau dimana, Felicia?"
"Hi Boy. Aku di belakang. Ke kamar mandi. Kenapa ingin tahu HP-ku?"
"Aku tertarik denganmu. Suaramu sexy.. Sesexy penampilanmu" kataku terus terang. Kudengar tawa ringan dari Felicia.
"Rayuan ala Boy, nih?"
"Lho.. Bukan rayuan kok. Tetapi pujian yang pantas buatmu yang memang sexy.. Oh ya, pulang dari cafe jam berapa? Aku antar pulang ya?"
"Jam 24.00. Boleh. Tapi kulihat kau dengan temanmu?"
"Oh.. dia clientku. Sebentar lagi dia pulang kok. Aku hanya mengantarnya sampai parkir mobil. Bagaimana?"
"Okay.. Aku tunggu ya."
"Okay.. See you soon, sexy.."

Aku melanjutkan sebentar percakapan dengan client dan kemudian mengantarkannya ke tempat parkir mobil. Setelah clientku pulang aku kembali ke cafe. Waktu masih menunjukkan pukul 23.30. Masih 30 menit lagi. Aku kembali duduk dan memesan hot tea. 30 menit aku habiskan dengan memandang Felicia yang menyanyi. Mataku terus menatap matanya sambil sesekali aku tersenyum. Kulihat Felicia dengan percaya diri membalas tatapanku. Gadis ini menarik hingga membuatku ingin mencumbunya.

Dalam perjalanan mengantarkan Felicia pulang, aku sengaja menyalakan AC mobil cukup besar sehingga suhu dalam mobil dingin sekali. Felicia tampak menggigil.

"Boy, AC-nya dikecilin yah?" tangan Felicia sambil meraih tombol AC untuk menaikkan suhu. Tanganku segera menahan tangannya. Kesempatan untuk memegang tangannya.
"Jangan.. Udah dekat rumahmu kan? Aku tidak tahan panas. Suhu segini aku baru bisa. Kalau kamu naikkan, aku tidak tahan.." alasanku.

Aku memang ingin membuat Felicia kedinginan. Kulihat Felicia bisa mengerti. Tangan kiriku masih memegang tangannya. Kuusap perlahan. Felicia diam saja.

"Kugosok ya.. Biar hangat.." kataku datar. Aku memberinya stimuli ringan. Felica tersenyum. Dia tidak menolak.
"Ya.. Boleh. Habis dingin banget. Oh ya, kamu suka jazz juga ya?"
"Hampir semua musik aku suka. Oh ya, baru kali ini aku melihat penyanyi jazz wanita yang bisa bermain keyboard. Mainmu asyik lagi."
"Haha.. Ini malam pertama aku main keyboard sambil menyanyi."
"Oh ya? Tapi tidak terlihat canggung. Oh ya, kudengar tadi mainmu banyak memakai scale altered dominant ya?" aku kemudian memainkan tangan kiriku di tangannya seolah-olah aku bermain piano.
"What a Boy! Kamu tahu jazz scale juga? Kamu bisa main piano yah?" Felicia tampak terkejut. Mukanya terlihat penasaran.
"Yah, dulu main klasik. Lalu tertarik jazz. Belum mahir kok." Aku berhenti di depan rumah Felicia.
"Tinggal dengan siapa?" tanyaku ketika kami masuk ke rumahnya. Ya, aku menerima ajakannya untuk masuk sebentar walaupun ini sudah hampir jam 1 pagi.
"Aku kontrak rumah ini dengan beberapa temanku sesama penyanyi cafe. Lainnya belum pulang semua. Mungkin sekalian kencan dengan pacarnya."

Felicia masuk kamarnya untuk mengganti baju. Aku tidak mendengar suara pintu kamar dikunci. Wah, kebetulan. Atau Felicia memang memancingku? Aku segera berdiri dan nekat membuka pintu kamarnya. Benar! Felicia berdiri hanya dengan bra dan celana dalam. Di tangannya ada sebuah kaos. Kukira Felicia akan berteriak terkejut atau marah. Ternyata tidak. Dengan santai dia tersenyum.

"Maaf.. Aku mau tanya kamar mandi dimana?" tanyaku mencari alasan. Justru aku yang gugup melihat pemandangan indah di depanku.
"Di kamarku ada kamar mandinya kok. Masuk aja."

Wah.. Lampu hijau nih. Di kamarnya aku melihat ada sebuah keyboard. Aku tidak jadi ke kamar mandi malah memainkan keyboardnya. Aku memainkan lagu "Body and Soul" sambil menyanyi lembut. Suaraku biasa saja juga permainanku. Tapi aku yakin Felicia akan tertarik. Beberapa kali aku membuat kesalahan yang kusengaja. Aku ingin melihat reaksi Felicia.

"Salah tuh mainnya." komentar Felicia. Dia ikut bernyanyi.
"Ajarin dong.." kataku.

Dengan segera Felicia mengajariku memainkan keyboardnya. Aku duduk sedangkan Felicia berdiri membelakangiku. Dengan posisi seperti memelukku dari belakang, dia menunjukkan sekilas notasi yang benar. Aku bisa merasakan nafasnya di leherku. Wah.. Sudah jam 1 pagi. Aku menimbang-nimbang apa yang harus aku lakukan. Aku memalingkan mukaku. Kini mukaku dan Felicia saling bertatapan. Dekat sekali. Tanganku bergerak memeluk pinggangnya. Kalau ditolak, berarti dia tidak bermaksud apa-apa denganku. Jika dia diam saja, aku boleh melanjutkannya. Kemudian tangannya menepis halus tanganku. Kemudian dia berdiri. Aku ditolak.

"Katanya mau ke kamar mandi?" tanyannya sambil tersenyum. Oh ya.. Aku melupakan alasanku membuka pintu kamarnya.
"Oh ya.." aku berdiri.

Ada rasa sesak di dadaku menerima penolakannya. Tapi aku tak menyerah. Segera kuraih tubuhnya dan kupeluk. Kemudian kuangkat ke kamar mandi!

"Eh.. Eh, apa-apaan ini?" Felicia terkejut. Aku tertawa saja.

Kubawa dia ke kamar mandi dan kusiram dengan air! Biarlah. Kalau mau marah ya aku terima saja. Yang jelas aku terus berusaha mendapatkannya. Ternyata Felicia malah tertawa. Dia membalas menyiramku dan kami sama-sama basah kuyup. Segera aku menyandarkannya ke dinding kamar mandi dan menciumnya!

Felicia membalas ciumanku. Bibir kami saling memagut. Sungguh nikmat bercumbu di suhu dingin dan basah kuyup. Bibir kami saling berlomba memberikan kehangatan. Tanganku merain kaosnya dan membukanya. Kemudian bra dan celana pendeknya. Sementara Felicia juga membuka kaos dan celanaku. Kami sama-sama tinggal hanya memakai celana dalam. Sambil terus mencumbunya, tangan kananku meraba, meremas lembut dan merangsang payudaranya. Sementara tangan kiriku meremas bongkahan pantatnya dan sesekali menyelinap ke belahan pantatnya. Dari pantatnya aku bisa meraih vaginanya. Menggosok-gosoknya dengan jariku.

"Agh.." kudengar rintihan Felicia. Nafasnya mulai memburu. Suaranya sexy sekali. Berat dan basah. Perlahan aku merasakan penisku ereksi.
"Egh.." aku menahan nafas ketika kurasakan tangan Felicia menggenggam batang penisku dan meremasnya.

Tak lama dia mengocok penisku hingga membuatku makin terangsang. Tubuh Felicia kuangkat dan kududukkan di bak air. Cukup sulit bercinta di kamar mandi. Licin dan tidak bisa berbaring. Sewaktu Felicia duduk, aku hanya bisa merangsang payudara dan mencumbunya. Sementara pantat dan vaginanya tidak bisa kuraih. Felicia tidak mau duduk. Dia berdiri lagi dan menciumi puting dadaku!

Ternyata enak juga rasanya. Baru kali ini putingku dicium dan dijilat. Felicia cukup aktif. Tangannya tak pernah melepas penisku. Terus dikocok dan diremasnya. Sambil melakukannya, badannya bergoyang-goyang seakan-akan dia sedang menari dan menikmati musik. Merasa terganggu dengan celana dalam, aku melepasnya dan juga melepas celana dalam Felicia. Kami bercumbu kembali. Lidahku menekan lidahnya. Kami saling menjilat dan menghisap.

Rintihan kecil dan desahan nafas kami saling bergantian membuat alunan musik birahi di kamar mandi. Suhu yang dingin membuat kami saling merapat mencari kehangatan. Ada sensasi yang berbeda bercinta ketika dalam keadaan basah. Waktu bercumbu, ada rasa 'air' yang membuat ciuman berbeda rasanya dari biasanya.

Aku menyalakan shower dan kemudian di bawah air yang mengucur dari shower, kami semakin hangat merapat dan saling merangsang. Aliran air yang membasahi rambut, wajah dan seluruh tubuh, membuat tubuh kami makin panas. Makin bergairah. Kedua tanganku meraih pantatnya dan kuremas agak keras, sementara bibirku melumat makin ganas bibir Felicia. Sesekali Felicia menggigit bibirku. Perlahan tanganku merayap naik sambil memijat ringan pinggang, punggung dan bahu Felicia. Dari bahasa tubuhnya, Felicia sangat menikmati pijatanku.

"Ogh.. Its nice, Boy.. Och.." Felicia mengerang.

Lidahku mulai menjilati telinganya. Felicia menggelinjang geli. Tangannya ikut meremas pantatku. Aku merasakan payudara Felicia makin tegang. Payudara dan putingnya terlihat begitu seksi. Menantang dengan puting yang menonjol coklat kemerahan.

"Payudaramu seksi sekali, Felicia.. Ingin kumakan rasanya.." candaku sambil tertawa ringan. Felicia memainkan bola matanya dengan genit.
"Makan aja kalo suka.." bisiknya di telingaku.
"Enak lho.." sambungnya sambil menjilat telingaku. Ugh.. Darahku berdesir. Perlahan ujung lidahku mendekati putingnya. Aku menjilatnya persis di ujung putingnya.
"Ergh.." desah Felicia. Caraku menjilatnya lah yang membuatnya mengerang.

Mulai dari ujung lidah sampai akhirnya dengan seluruh lidahku, aku menjilatnya. Kemudian aku menghisapnya dengan lembut, agak kuat dan akhirnya kuat. Tak lama kemudian Felicia kemudian membuka kakinya dan membimbing penisku memasuki vaginanya.

"Ough.. Enak.. Ayo, Boy" Felicia memintaku mulai beraksi.

Penisku perlahan menembus vaginanya. Aku mulai mengocoknya. Maju-mundur, berputar, Sambil bibir kami saling melumat. Aku berusaha keras membuatnya merasakan kenikmatan. Felicia dengan terampil mengikuti tempo kocokanku. Kamu bekerja sama dengan harmonis saling memberi dan mendapatkan kenikmatan. Vaginanya masih rapat sekali. Mirip dengan Ria. Apakah begini rasanya perawan? Entahlah. Aku belum pernah bercinta dengan perawan, kecuali dengan Ria yang selaput daranya tembus oleh jari pacarnya.

"Agh.. Agh.." Felicia mengerang keras. Lama kelamaan suaranya makin keras.
"Come on, Boy.. Fuck me.." ceracaunya.

Rupanya Felicia adalah tipe wanita yang bersuara keras ketika bercinta. Bagiku menyenangkan juga mendengar suaranya. Membuatku terpacu lebih hebat menghunjamkan penisku. Lama-lama tempoku makin cepat. Beberapa saat kemudian aku berhenti. Mengatur nafas dan mengubah posisi kami. Felicia menungging dan aku 'menyerangnya' dari belakang. Doggy style. Kulihat payudara Felicia sedikit terayun-ayun. Seksi sekali. Dengan usil jariku meraba anusnya, kemudian memasukkan jariku.

"Hey.. Perih tau!" teriak Felicia. Aku tertawa.
"Sorry.. Kupikir enak rasanya.." Aku menghentikan memasukkan jari ke anusnya tetapi tetap bermain-main di sekitar anusnya hingga membuatnya geli.

Cukup lama kami berpacu dalam birahi. Aku merasakan saat-saat orgasmeku hampir tiba. Aku berusaha keras mengatur ritme dan nafasku.

"Aku mau nyampe, Felicia.."
"Keluarin di dalam aja. Udah lama aku tidak merasakan semburan cairan pria" Aku agak terhenti. Gila, keluarin di dalam. Kalau hamil gimana, pikirku.
"Aman, Boy. Aku ada obat anti hamil kok.." Felicia meyakinkanku. Aku yang tidak yakin. Tapi masa bodoh ah. Dia yang menjamin, kan? Kukocok lagi dengan gencar. Felicia berteriak makin keras.
"Yes.. Aku juga hampir sampe, Boy.. come on.. come on.. oh yeah.."

Saat-saat itu makin dekat.. Aku mengejarnya. Kenikmatan tiada tara. Membuat saraf-saraf penisku kegirangan. Srr.. Srr..

"Aku orgasme. Sesaat kemudian kurasakan tubuh Felicia makin bergetar hebat. Aku berusaha keras menahan ereksiku. Tubuhku terkejang-kejang mengalami puncak kenikmatan.
"Aarrgghh.. Yeeaahh.." Felicia menyusulku orgasme.

Dia menjerit kuat sekali kemudian membalikkan badannya dan memelukku. Kami kemudian bercumbu lagi. Saatnya after orgasm service. Tanganku memijat tubuhnya, memijat kepalanya dan mencumbu hidung, pipi, leher, payudara dan kemudian perutnya. Aku membuatnya kegelian ketika hidungku bermain-main di perutnya. Kemudian kuangkat dia. Mengambil handuk dan mengeringkan tubuh kami berdua. Sambil terus mencuri-curi ciuman dan rabaan, kami saling menggosok tubuh kami. Dengan tubuh telanjang aku mengangkatnya ke tempat tidur, membaringkannya dan kembali menciumnya. Felicia tersenyum puas. Matanya berbinar-binar.

"Thanks Boy.. Sudah lama sekali aku tidak bercinta. Kamu berhasil memuaskanku.."

Pujian yang tulus. Aku tersenyum. Aku merasa belum hebat bercinta. Aku hanya berusaha melayani setiap wanita yang bercinta denganku. Memperhatikan kebutuhannya.

Aku sangat terkejut ketika tiba-tiba pintu kamar terbuka. Sial, kami tadi lupa mengunci pintu!! Seorang wanita muncul. Aku tidak sempat lagi menutupi tubuh telanjangku.

"Ups.. Gak usah terkejut. Dari tadi aku udah dengar teriakan Felicia. Tadi malah sudah mengintip kalian di kamar mandi.." kata wanita itu. Aku kecolongan. Tapi apa boleh buat. Biarkan saja. Kulihat Felicia tertawa.
"Kenalin, dia Gladys. Mbak.. Dia Boy." aku menganggukkan kepalaku padanya.
"Hi Gladys.." sapaku.

Kemudian aku berdiri. Dengan penis lemas terayun aku mencari kaos dan celana pendek Felicia dan memakainya. Gladys masuk ke kamar. Busyet, ni anak tenang sekali, Pikirku. Sudah jam 2 pagi. Aku harus pulang.


Buat beberapa pembaca yang menagih ceritaku, maaf karena baru bisa menulis lagi. Ada bisnis yang masih harus aku selesaikan. Untuk pembaca yang lain, aku tunggu responsnya. Terima kasih.

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cerita main dengan mak sedara

cerita main dengan mak sedara - Secara pribadi, Saya percaya sangat tegas bahwa semua remaja yang sarat dengan ambisi, bakat dan kemampuan, dan mereka ingin melakukan apa yang benar. Masalah terbesar mereka adalah bahwa mereka tidak menyadari bahwa semua bakat-bakat dan kemampuan dalam diri mereka Lucah Sedara Mak Mak cik dan bahkan jika mereka tahu, mereka tidak memiliki pengetahuan tentang bagaimana untuk mendapatkan hidup yang baik dengan mereka. Setelah mereka menyadari hal itu, semua mereka harus lakukan adalah memilih bakat dan / atau kemampuan mereka merasa paling cocok untuk, dan tuliskan di atas kertas cerita main dengan mak sedara langkah-langkah yang mereka butuhkan untuk mengambil untuk memenuhi tujuan itu.

Yang mengatakan bahwa, itu adalah cerita main dengan mak sedara salah satu malam musim panas awal ketika seorang wanita berusia 16 tahun muda (yang saya kenal) datang ke restoran tempat aku senang ensconsed diri saya, membaca buku. Duduk di depanku, dan jelas sangat gelisah, melanjutkan untuk memberitahu saya dia dalam kesulitan besar! Tentu saja, infleksi dalam suaranya membuat saya diam-diam berpikir: "Oh tidak, jangan bilang kau hamil" Setelah mengambil tiga napas dalam-dalam, aku memintanya untuk tenang, dan menjelaskan masalah kepada saya Jawabannya.. adalah bahwa ia dihukum selama dua bulan --- masih percaya bahwa aku juga pernah remaja, aku tahu bahwa, dari sudut pandangnya, bahwa hidup itu sendiri sudah berakhir baginya. cerita main dengan mak sedara Untungnya, saya menghapus pikiran imajinasi saya telah disulap tentang negatif dia sedang hamil, saya tahu hidupnya belum berakhir, dan ditanya pertanyaan pepatah - mengapa?
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Lihat Foto cewek bugil Montok Telanjang

Lihat Foto cewek bugil Montok Telanjang menggambarkan karyanya sendiri sebagai "puzzle warna untuk membentuk sebuah gambar." Lama diakui sebagai rising star di Pop Art, Rogerson yang terbaik dikenal untuk hidup dan rinci penafsiran karakter Disney umum. Artis ini dihadiri Ringling Sekolah bergengsi Seni dan Desain di Sarasota, Florida. Dia mengambil jurusan Ilustrasi, dan Lihat Foto cewek bugil Montok Telanjang dianugerahi Award 2003 Artis Terbaik, serta Terbaik 2003 dan 2004 dari Ringling Award. Ketika mengingat pengalamannya di sekolah seni, Rogerson mengatakan "Saya adalah seorang mahasiswa seni yang sangat tradisional dan mengeksplorasi semua karya dari master tua untuk seni modern." Sejak lulus tahun 2004, Rogerson telah memberikan kemampuan artistik di mana saja dari Desain SS ke Disney. Gayanya telah disebut produktif dan tak ada bandingannya. Dia sekarang dianggap sebagai salah satu seniman Pop Art terbaik di dunia.

Romero Britto memulai karirnya di Recife, Brasil. Dia dibesarkan di antara delapan saudara dan memiliki masa kanak-kanak yang sangat rendah hati. Namun, kreativitas bawaan nya memungkinkan dia untuk mengisi hidupnya dengan warna-warna cerah dan gambar. Banyak proyek pertama Britto adalah sedikit diketahui, tetapi menyebabkan penemuan dan tanda penting pada dunia seni. Dia adalah fenomena budaya pop siapa penggambaran tokoh menunjukkan kegembiraan dan gembira telah membawa senyum ke wajah jutaan. Ketika ditanya tentang inspirasi untuk karyanya, Lihat Foto cewek bugil Montok Telanjang Britto menjawab "Saya percaya bahwa setiap manusia harus mencoba untuk berbuat baik untuk orang lain. Ada begitu banyak cara berbeda untuk melakukannya. Seni saya dapat menjadi alat untuk membantu orang ... Apa perasaan yang baik - bahwa saya bisa melakukan itu dengan seni saya ... " Dia adalah salah satu seniman yang paling ikon Seni Pop dekade terakhir.
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Cerita deone debose

cerita deone debose Public Prosecutor (Prosecutor) Agus Sari Dewi asking the judge to impose a life sentence for Tomy Antonio (37), citizen Sunter, Tanjung Priok. Because, Tomy legally and convincingly carry and has 10 thousand ecstasy pills worth Rp 10 billion more.

"Demanding that the accused sentenced to life imprisonment," said Agus Sari Dewi in a trial in the District Court of Central Jakarta, Jl Gajah Mada, Jakarta, Tuesday (23/08/2011).

Based on the facts persidangaan, Tomy is known about to deliver thousands of ecstasy pills to a teammate, Hadi on 15 November 2010. As he was parking in the basement of Hotel Le Grendeur, Jl Mangga Dua Raya, police menggerebeknya.

From the trunk of the Honda Jazz, it was found three bags keresek. Until now, Hadi is still at large. "In keresek contains tens of thousands of ecstasy pills," said Agus Sari Dewi.

Based on these findings, the police raided houses in Sunter Tomy and managed to find one keresek black. Once opened turned out to contain Ecstasy pills. "A total of 10 thousand eggs," said Agus Sari Dewi.

During the trial, Tomy seems calm. He's a stocky-looking, do not show pallor or remorse for his actions. In addition to demanding life imprisonment, the prosecutor also asked a panel of judges in sentencing SH Dwi headed a fine of Rp 1 billion subsidiary a year in prison.

"Court is adjourned until Thursday, August 25, 2011 to hear the defendant's defense," said Dwi SH as he closed the hearing.

Responding to the demands of life, the defendant's attorney, Lili Suhamdi admitted the objection. Because, Tomy is not a drug dealer but only courier.

"The demands are too heavy. He's just a courier, not a dealer. We will ask the defense / pledoi," Lili said after the hearing.

Until now, players still in the hunt for the police. The perpetrator was hiding in the region identified Benda, Tangerang. "But we're after is not there," he said.
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Sunbeam 25-Piece Cook's Tool Set, Black

Sunbeam 25-Piece Cook's Tool Set, BlackSunbeam is pleased to announce a new set of 25 pieces of chef's kitchen to offer, this game offers a practice kaddy you can save up to 25. and saves counter space. This kit offers a complete line of kitchen tools to meet your needs. Kit includes: Nylon Slotted Turner, Nylon slotted spoon, ladle nylon, one teaspoon of the mixture of nylon, Bata, spatula, 5-piece measuring cup, measuring spoon with 6 rooms, pizza cutter, peeler, can opener / bottle, knife, vegetable and fruit knife peeler and grater. All these tools are dishwasher safe and heat resistant to 400 degrees for long life. The Caddy has a convenient built-in knife block for your knives and store your other items easy to find and access. This kitchen is the perfect complement to any kitchen.

Price: $19.99

Click here to buy from Amazon

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T-Fal Initiatives 10-Piece Nonstick Inside and Out

T-Fal Initiatives 10-Piece Nonstick Inside and OutT-Fal non-stick utensils initiatives set of 10 pieces contains an 8-inch pan, 9.5-inch pan, 11-inch frying pan, pot with lid bedroom, 2-liter pot with lid, 5-liter pot with lid and a vegetable steamer. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Dishwasher.

Price: $79.00

Click here to buy from Amazon

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Foto Seksi Cinta Laura terbaru 2011

Foto Seksi Cinta Laura terbaru 2011 September, Laura Love will continue education in the United States. The opportunity was also used to dilate the wing.

"Well since Sony is an international label continues ditawarin yes, if a good recording good singles if go to the album," Love said when met at Sundanese Resto Sambara, Cipeten, South Jakarta, Friday (12/08/2011).

Women born August 17, 1993 Foto Seksi Cinta Laura terbaru 2011 it was deeply want to boast the name of Indonesia. One of them with a world class singer and his works.

Love will spawn 2 singles by label Sony Music International. Yet he admitted that he continue to prioritize education.

"I can make a bid for 2 singles, but it should be another meeting tomorrow, August 15 to 16. But still a priority to school," Foto Seksi Cinta Laura terbaru 2011 said.
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Cerita Nakal Dewasa Hot Mantap Seksi

Cerita Nakal Dewasa Hot Mantap Seksi harassment case 'Vierra' still have not found a bright spot. Already more than a month remains unclear the identity of the perpetrator.

Lawyers Widi, Minola Sebayang also confessed, the police have been pocketing the identity of the abuser. But until now the case seems protracted.

"I actually do not drag on well, because the police also need to disclose the case took quite well. And investigators are also new this time is time singkron with examination of witnesses such as Star," protested Minola when met at the police station in South Jakarta, Cerita Nakal Dewasa Hot Mantap Seksi Thursday (4 / 8 / 2011).

Widi is out with her ​​lover, Star claims also confused with the case. He was reluctant to say much when asked by the development of the case.

"Well I do not know, entar deh I do not understand because, sorry, sorry," he said briefly as he walked briskly toward his car Cerita Nakal Dewasa Hot Mantap Seksi.
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Harga Apple Ipad 2 Spesifikasi

Harga Ipad 2 officially released at a press conference at the Yerba Buena Center Apple of the Arts, San Francisco, USA on 11 March 2011. For the Indonesian market is still unknown certainty, perhaps a little so long, because the distributors of Apple products iPad in Indonesia was still not able certainty from Apple.

For those of you who can hardly wait for the arrival of the iPad 2, the following are the specifications and price Apple iPad 2.

iPad 2 Spec:


Wi-Fi + 3G


Height: 9.50 inches (241.2 mm)
Width: 7.31 inch (185.7 mm)
Thickness: 0.34 inch (8.8 mm)
Weight: 1.33 pounds (601 g) Wi-Fi, 1:34 pounds (607 g) 3G




Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n)
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology
Wi-Fi + 3G model: UMTS / HSDPA / HSUPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz) GSM / EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
Wi-Fi + 3G model for Verizon: CDMA EV-DO Rev. A (800, 1900 MHz)


9.7 inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology
1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi)
Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating
Support for display of multiple languages ​​and characters simultaneously


1GHz dual-core Apple A5 custom-designed, high-performance, low-power system-on-a-chip

Camera, Photo and Video Recording

Rear camera (resolution not specified): Video recording, HD (720p) up to 30 frames per second with audio; still camera with 5x digital zoom
Front camera: Video recording, VGA up to 30 frames per second with audio; VGA-quality still camera
Photo and video over Wi-Fi geotagging


Built-in 25-watt-hour lithium-polymer rechargeable battery
Up to 10 hours of web access in Wi-Fi, see the video, or listening to music
Charging via power adapter or USB to computer system


Built-in 25-watt-hour lithium-polymer rechargeable battery
Up to 10 hours of web access in Wi-Fi, see the video, or listening to music
Up to 9 hours of web access using 3G data networks
Charging via power adapter or USB to computer system

Input / Output

30-pin dock connector port
3.5-mm stereo headphone minijack
Built-in speaker
Micro-SIM card tray (Wi-Fi + 3G models)


Three-axis gyro
Ambient light sensor


Digital compass
Assisted GPS (3G only)
Cellular (3G only)

Audio Playback

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20,000 Hz
Audio formats supported: HE-AAC (V1 and V2), AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, and 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX, and AAX +), Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV
User-configurable maximum volume limit
Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound pass-through with Apple's Digital AV Adapter (sold separately)

TV and Video

Video mirroring and video out support: Up to 1080p Digital AV Adapter with Apple or the Apple VGA Adapter (cables sold separately)
Video out support at 576p and 480p with the Apple Component AV Cable; 576i and 480i with the Apple Composite AV Cable
Video formats supported: H.264 video up to 720p, 30 frames per second, the Main Profile level 3.1 with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in. M4v,. Mp4, and. Mov file formats; MPEG- 4 video, up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Simple Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps per channel, 48kHz, stereo audio in. m4v,. mp4, and. mov file formats; Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) up to 35 Mbps, 1280 by 720 pixels, 30 frames per second, audio in ulaw, PCM stereo audio in. avi file format.

Price iPad 2:

For the price iPad 2 is still unknown, because iPad 2 has not been entered in the Asian market. Pancallok promptly update this page so no information about this.
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ABG Bugil Pengen Telanjang Mantap Terbaru 2011

ABG Bugil Pengen Telanjang Mantap Terbaru 2011 Duncan Sheik will hold a concert at Dago Tea House, Bandung, Friday (07/29/2011) at 20:00 pm tonight. He promised to look up and not disappoint his fans.

"I will give the best appearance. I think eventually it will be fun," he said recently.

In a previous concert at The Hall, Senayan City, South Jakarta, Wednesday (27/07/2011), the singer hits the 'On a High' it does not appear as expected. ABG Bugil Pengen Telanjang Mantap Terbaru 2011 He claimed it happened because there are technical errors.

"Sound was in trouble. It was just a technical error. So they have to fix it before I went on appearance. It happens all the time," tepisnya at that time.

In a concert entitled 'Up Close & Personal' it, Duncan will sing a total of 16 songs such as 'wishful Thingking', 'Barely Breathing', 'Stripped' and songs from his latest album 'Cover 80's'.

Duncan in Bandung concert will feature Mike's opening band and Aqi 'Alexa'. 90-minute concert is priced from ABG Bugil Pengen Telanjang Mantap Terbaru 2011 Rp 150 thousand to $ 250 thousand.
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Cerita Dewasa Toket ABG Memek Tante

Cerita Dewasa Toket ABG Memek Tante DPP Chairman of the Democratic Party of Struggle for Political Puan Maharani believe the next president will come cadre or carried by the three nationalist parties, the PDI-P, Golkar Party, or Democratic Party. National leadership must be held by people who are political stance not based on religion.

"So my choice is actually only 3, PDIP, Golkar and the Democrats. Golkar already clear (capresnya), PDI-P has not, Democrats are not yet clear. Surely this ball will appear in 2013," Puan said in a special interview session on the sidelines Rakornas III Democratic Party of Struggle, Cerita Dewasa Toket ABG Memek Tante Sedona Hotel on Thursday (28 / 7) yesterday.

Here's the full interview with Puan about pencapresan 2014:

Chairperson Megawati said that in time will open up access to the cadre to mencapreskan themselves. Meaning?

We do not yet talk election issues. Now we still focus on the consolidation of the party, how to consolidate the party can produce something real clear to the people. We hope with our instruments that exist today, the regional head, legislator from the central to local level, can contribute their respective regions in order to result in something tangible for the people. If the problem the president has been no talk that election day who is going forward or how and what, will depend pileg results that will come later.

Is pernyaataan it could be interpreted as general chairman he would not mencapreskan away again?

III Congress did not direct the general chairman mengamatkan automatically become a candidate in the presidential election, but we give all authority to the chairman, whether the chairman would give the opportunity of advanced or internal to move forward, yes it all back to the chairman. We could not apply earlier. If it's only two years before we wrote our presidential candidates have said ketum, now that baseball. We are in the process of internal, general chairman was the one who determines what he will advance or provide opportunities for its cadres to advance.

III Congress decided differently about pencapresan is not automatic ketum presidential candidates. What is the general chairman because of health considerations are currently 64 years old?

If the mother is physically fit as a fiddle alhamdulillahirobbil ketum alamin. With a working party at this time we admit the mother is quite able to do political work and mobilization of party, in the sense that there is no problem at all with health. The proof of each event he remains present consolidation. But we also need to be realistic with the dynamics that exist later. Is the 2014 Democratic Party of Struggle yes would win the election? Do not, can not we expect today. The survey is okay Democratic numbers 1, 2 and PDI-P and Golkar 3. His name is growing each month's survey. The important internal readiness for a candidate who can carry a realitsis useful for the people of Indonesia as a whole.

So what consideration?

We are realistically looking at 2004 and 2009 was not optimal as we want. So we also can not be forced to follow the pattern first, but obviously once the results are not optimal. So it is the desire of my friends are unanimous in the decision of the congress. That evaluation results and analysis: why 2004 and 2009 we did not win. Maybe there is something that should be updated and we also can not like a sure thing. We should not like to win but did not work first. Therefore it is this which must be achieved. Real work is clear and recognized the public that the PDI-P was not playing games to improve himself.

So the Democratic Party of Struggle would be more realistic about the presidential candidates?

Whatever must realitstis on condition today and the future, can not also impose conditions that exist, look at the dynamics of the past.

How about a survey of Megawati remained high ahead of the presidential election?

That's realistic wrote, if it 2014 then after surveyed and facts on the ground that Mrs. Megawati did not want anyone to match, so whatever we have to agree. If ketum going forward, we must support the decision to be taken in a meeting of party leaders. So this means open ketum run, but the decision of the party which nominated ketum we based the facts on the ground that she who has a good survey or the potential to win.

What does it mean PDI ahead of presidential elections there will be about pencapresan mechanisms, such conventions?

We do not have conventions and never thought there would be a convention. In accordance with congressional mandate, kewenang been given entirely to the ketum. Later anyone who would be selected or prepared are decisions that must be approved ketum all structural, because we already agreed that the authority that Congress III on ketum.

What if the person was appointed elektablitasnya low?

Yes we do also have to be realistic, ketum considerations would have to choose the person, in the sense of course our many mechanisms. We also survey some names. We also see the culture of the PDI-P, can not also someone who is clever, contribute, and loyal to this party, will automatically be a candidate is nominated, if indeed the structure of the party did not accept him. Because the culture is different. We do indeed have a culture that is different from other parties.

What about Megawati interested in candidates from outside the party?

I think not possible, because we do not trade in this party out. In that sense, why should we carry the one who is not a party cadre but then in the middle of the road when the power is obtained isnya god, it does not fight for this party.

That experience of elections huh?

Yes, yaiyalah. Because there is no single law that is binding. We as a party do not have the power to reduce the president or vice president that we stretcher (if no party memperjuangankan-ed). Will we be left, trade in this party? Then who is responsible? Ya can not lah. I also do not agree, why should the people outside? Although not the best, but better than people not luarlah.

So when about Megawati's answers about time that presidential powers?

There's always the possibility that the other party's general chairman dinamikannya all going forward. Golkar's obvious Aburizal. Aburizal it also will not give up her seat to someone else dong. Democrats are not yet clear, but all in SBY's decision. Who would dare? Is Anas dare say I will be presidential candidates? I think it would not be possible. If then MCC, MCC clear rotational structure of the party ya aja, abis he's definitely this. Is this country ready to accept the presidency of the MCC? Ya do not know too right, it seems not. We still pluralism is, in the sense that anyone who becomes handfuls of national leadership was not based on religion. In order to embrace everything. PPP can aja forward, but it's not likely to be RI-1, possibly R-2. Yesterday-yesterday there Mr. Vice President Hamzah Haz of the PPP, but do not RI-1. So the choice was actually only 3, PDIP, Golkar and the Democrats. Golkar was clear, PDI-P has not, the Democrats have Cerita Dewasa Toket ABG Memek Tante not yet clear. Surely this ball will appear in 2013.
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Togel Facing some of the pilots strike, PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk has been lowered 100 replacement pilots from the instructors and management.

It is delivered by the President Director of PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk Satar when met at the Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Tangerang, Jakarta, Thursday (28/07/2011).

Togel "From 00:00 hours to 10:00 hours in the morning there is still no flight 53. A total of 35 from Jakarta remains on all the time. We did a pilot data collection and contact one by one, where a strike and which are in charge. We are looking for a replacement of the instructors and management. There 100 pilots a replacement, "said Emir.

On the occasion, the Emir also says if there is delay or delay the plane, then the Garuda will work to resolve the issue, as happens in some areas.

"That (delay) will be merged into larger aircraft," he explained.

Garuda Pilots Association (APG) to strike at Soekarno-Hatta. The strike carried out because of the demands of salary increases has not been addressed by the directors of Garuda. This action was carried out since 00.00 pm last night.

The strike was carried out some pilot who joined in the APG, among others as a form of protest against the discrimination of income of foreign pilots with local pilots. Cabin crew who joined the Association of Garuda Indonesia cabin crew (Ikagi) also called for a similar Togel strike.

Foto Heboh Sarah Azhari bugil Terbaru 2011

Foto Heboh Sarah Azhari bugil Terbaru 2011 Artist Sarah claimed to be one of the band The Cranberries fans who appeared on the show Java Rockin Land, Saturday (23 / 7) evening. According to Rahma's older brother, she memorized the old songs of The Cranberries since attending high school.

"Actually I do not think so much like a concert. But since that gig are The Cranberries, so watch behind Stand. I like the same band was fitted was in high school anyway, because it was memorized by his songs. Her first album still remember hell yes, year the 1990s. Old to My Family and others. Much as I hapalin of the CDs songs that I bought, "said Sarah met at Booth Gudang Garam Land Rockin Java arena, Carnival Beach Ancol, North Jakarta, Saturday (23 / 7) Foto Heboh Sarah Azhari bugil Terbaru 2011 night.

Sarah did not come alone. Ayu Azhari's younger brother came to Ancol along with a number of his friends. The number of spectators who crowded no longer so questioned by Sarah.

"Yes, yes indeed too full, let alone delicious dirumputin better. Although very dusty place, but glad to hear his music. Want in front of or behind the same is, there's also the screen really. So watch from behind as well still fun . Foto Heboh Sarah Azhari bugil Terbaru 2011 Origin not overcrowded, "he said.
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Artis Indonesia Telanjang Bugil

Artis Indonesia Telanjang Bugil From the world of soap operas Nuri Maulida plunging moral hazard to be a singer. Nuri also admitted to not only a serious moral hazard and wanted in his new world.

"If not a stepping stone. Nuri wanted serious, yes," said Nuri met in the''XL Better in Ramadan 'in FX Plaza, South Jakarta, on Monday (7/25/2011).

Nuri was just released single 'More Than One Boyfriend'. He began to busy with promos and singing at various events Artis Indonesia Telanjang Bugil.

"Sing it I really like. I pengin nyemplung, not nyemplung wrote, but also serious. But if someone says moral hazard, it's nothing deh. The important thing is moral hazard with the quality and totality," said Nuri.

Bintang sinetron 'Cinta Fitri' was also claimed to enjoy his new profession. Although sometimes there are still shortcomings, Artis Indonesia Telanjang Bugil Nuri learn from it and continue to be better.
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