China is still the Preferred furniture products in Indonesia

JAKARTA, -Despite the property market in China is not yet stable, in the properties of the products is still of interest. Like in Indonesia, the China-made products property is capable of providing the volume that conceded that meet sales targets.

It is recognized by Meutia Kumala, Merchandise Director Informa Furnishings, where products of furnishings in Informa dominated 50 percent product from China. The remaining 35 per cent from Europe, 10 per cent from Thailand, and the rest are local.

Meutia says, in the China factory amounted to thousands, surely it choose factory that really the best. From the side of economic growth, the population in China reached 1.2 billion with growth in the economy is quite high.

"Before there was relief from the import duties, they (China) have always mengkreasikan an amazing product. We still rely on China because they were able to offset the demand quantity from us. In Indonesia, to the volume of the product as we have yet to fulfill, "he said.

However, Meutia reaffirm that for products Informa, it remained the best. As in the 29th Informa outlets that just opened in the mall's Living World Nature silk home accessories that are present in the 20,000 variants of various well-known manufacturers of the world.

Informa's Living World provides such residential needs for Living, Dining, Bedroom, Kids, Kitchen, Kept Concept in floor 1. For level 2 filled a need for a business like office space, commercial tables and chairs, and beauty commercial.

"The month of May 2011, we plan to complement the needs of the furnishing in the 3rd floor with Lighting, American Classic Furnishings and a Hall that contains 100 percent Indonesia," he explained. (Natalia Ririh)


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