Artis Indonesia Telanjang Bugil

Artis Indonesia Telanjang Bugil From the world of soap operas Nuri Maulida plunging moral hazard to be a singer. Nuri also admitted to not only a serious moral hazard and wanted in his new world.

"If not a stepping stone. Nuri wanted serious, yes," said Nuri met in the''XL Better in Ramadan 'in FX Plaza, South Jakarta, on Monday (7/25/2011).

Nuri was just released single 'More Than One Boyfriend'. He began to busy with promos and singing at various events Artis Indonesia Telanjang Bugil.

"Sing it I really like. I pengin nyemplung, not nyemplung wrote, but also serious. But if someone says moral hazard, it's nothing deh. The important thing is moral hazard with the quality and totality," said Nuri.

Bintang sinetron 'Cinta Fitri' was also claimed to enjoy his new profession. Although sometimes there are still shortcomings, Artis Indonesia Telanjang Bugil Nuri learn from it and continue to be better.


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