Foto Dewi persik

Foto Dewi persik originally held in Cirebon, were canceled because criticized by some Islamic Organizations. One member of the Republic Love Management (RCM), Dewi Persik actually admitted to not knowing about the ban.

"The why I do not know. Not there also let me," said Dewi after doing the trial in East Jakarta District Court, Road Milling, Pondok Kopi, East Jakarta, Wednesday (14/12/2011).

Even so, the woman who was familiarly called DP is still not feel disappointed. He still thinks well against the big boss.

"Maybe Mas Dhani did not invite me because I was too much trouble. So let Dewi Persik focus on the problem first," he said wisely.

Owner wobble saws, remains convinced that he still get honor from the frontman RCM. "Always remember that Mas Dhani same time I still transferred anyway," he said, smiling.

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