Cerita Nakal Dewasa Hot Mantap Seksi

Cerita Nakal Dewasa Hot Mantap Seksi harassment case 'Vierra' still have not found a bright spot. Already more than a month remains unclear the identity of the perpetrator.

Lawyers Widi, Minola Sebayang also confessed, the police have been pocketing the identity of the abuser. But until now the case seems protracted.

"I actually do not drag on well, because the police also need to disclose the case took quite well. And investigators are also new this time is time singkron with examination of witnesses such as Star," protested Minola when met at the police station in South Jakarta, Cerita Nakal Dewasa Hot Mantap Seksi Thursday (4 / 8 / 2011).

Widi is out with her ​​lover, Star claims also confused with the case. He was reluctant to say much when asked by the development of the case.

"Well I do not know, entar deh I do not understand because, sorry, sorry," he said briefly as he walked briskly toward his car Cerita Nakal Dewasa Hot Mantap Seksi.


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