Foto Heboh Sarah Azhari bugil Terbaru 2011

Foto Heboh Sarah Azhari bugil Terbaru 2011 Artist Sarah claimed to be one of the band The Cranberries fans who appeared on the show Java Rockin Land, Saturday (23 / 7) evening. According to Rahma's older brother, she memorized the old songs of The Cranberries since attending high school.

"Actually I do not think so much like a concert. But since that gig are The Cranberries, so watch behind Stand. I like the same band was fitted was in high school anyway, because it was memorized by his songs. Her first album still remember hell yes, year the 1990s. Old to My Family and others. Much as I hapalin of the CDs songs that I bought, "said Sarah met at Booth Gudang Garam Land Rockin Java arena, Carnival Beach Ancol, North Jakarta, Saturday (23 / 7) Foto Heboh Sarah Azhari bugil Terbaru 2011 night.

Sarah did not come alone. Ayu Azhari's younger brother came to Ancol along with a number of his friends. The number of spectators who crowded no longer so questioned by Sarah.

"Yes, yes indeed too full, let alone delicious dirumputin better. Although very dusty place, but glad to hear his music. Want in front of or behind the same is, there's also the screen really. So watch from behind as well still fun . Foto Heboh Sarah Azhari bugil Terbaru 2011 Origin not overcrowded, "he said.


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