Perceraian Aa Gym

KH Abdullah Gymnastiar new divorce from his first wife, Hj Ninih Muthmainnah Ninih or tea, by the person who is quite the family, KH Miftah Farid justified close. Said, Aa Gym was twice divorced and once called Ninih tea.

"With two divorces and a period, that is, to return when he. remarried For, during his term over, " said Miftah, who is also chairman of the Council Indonesia Ulema (MUI) in Bandung as the deadline Gala Media, Friday (31.12.2010 ).

Previously tea Ninih for divorce from Aa Gym religion in the religious court handed in Bandung. "We signed the divorce between the two, " said Miftah.

Although the media have not yet received direct confirmation of Aa Gym Ninih or tea, but tea was Ninih Miftah States that, in fact, divorced from religion for a few months.

Involved in the process of divorce second man said Miftah, a hammer touch.

During the Idah predicted namely the separation between the two more than three months. With divorce and Miftah question.

On the other side had not at first believe the news. "I know the title of a women's magazine. I immediately send an SMS to a tea Ninih not really new (divorce, red) and Ninih of tea, " he said.


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