Chin More Beautiful with Serdev Surgery

WRONG one part of the face that often times become allure is the chin. Part of this face can be very interesting subject if it had a good shape. One way to get the form Serdev's chin is by surgery.

Cosmetic surgery on the chin is made to form the chin to look more beautiful. This action is done with serdev technique that uses special benaang inserted under the skin. Yarn is used to lift the face of painful. This thread made of Polycaproamide Semielastic, anti-microbial, and absorbed slowly. This proved to be painful and the results can last up to 10 years.

According to Dr. SpKK Syarief Hidayat, Dermatovenereologis from Mintohardjo Aesthetic Center, Jl. Downstream Dam No. 17 Jakarta Pusat, cosmetic surgery on her chin to look more beautiful. This can be done, among others, with augmentation, attach the prosthesis or by injection botoks. "One of them with Serdev's Surgery, this is one facial contouring techniques that come from Bulgaria. Using yarn and needle serdev serdev to form one body part to look better, "he said.

Then how do I know if we had proportional chin or still need to be corrected again? The simplest way is to reflect and assess their own facial proportions. Ideally is to see a comparison of face top, middle, and bottom.

For Asian people's faces, ideally when viewed from the side there is a line connecting the peak of the nose, lips and chin. This line is known as the E-line (Esthetic line). If the chin lies behind this line, necessary corrective actions chin. "The technique for face lift up some techniques that were injected with collagen (augmentation), hyaluronic acid. With this serdev, clients can see immediate results and long-lasting, "he explained.

Serdev's Syrgery can be done with yarn that is inserted into the muscles of the lower and upper chin. Within 10 minutes of action has been completed normally and the patient was photographed. "Engineering is a face lift up the minimal operating excellence more durable and visible results immediately," he said.

Selection of actions depending on the deficiencies found in each patient's chin. Usually before choosing an action, to have discussions about what the patient wants and then do the planning will likely act in accordance with the patient's condition. In this consultation, the doctor will examine the overall facial including skin and bone texture and describes actions to be taken.

As the face in general surgery, the patient will feel and look better in a relatively short time. Usually immediately after the action, will be installed taping (tape) in the chin area where the needle entry serdev released within three days. The level of pain is usually minimal and can be controlled with medication.

"This can be done at the age of teenagers to adults who want the beauty in the face. And usually for the experience of chronic disease, blood disorders and keloid talent is not recommended. And preferably after the action, do not knock your chin, in-massage, and facials, "she said.


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