DaVid Beckham Motor's

Gridiron superstar, David Beckham, had a penchant for riding motorcycles. Actress Victoria's husband seized the camera in Central America riding Hell's creation Combat U.S. motorcycle manufacturer Confederate Motorcycles that are marketed in limited numbers.

Motor model is the last type of variant Hellcat is priced U.S. $ 88,000 (USD 786.2 million). Remarkably, motorcycles using CID F131 engine is capable of removing the power up to 149 hp and 203 Nm of torque.

Beckham seen around town in Los Angeles alone. So as not too flashy, she complements him with black attributes ranging from helmets, leather jackets, gloves, and boots. Although stylish low profile, a number of existing tattoos all over his arm and his body ensures that the rider is the husband of Victoria.

Former England football captain is currently playing at LA Galaxy and riding a motorcycle is one of his hobbies. Bechkam even rumored to have one unit which is specifically used Ducati Desmosedici on the track racing. He has also been seen trying Ducati Monster 1100 in the test ride last August.


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