Protesters Confront, Egyptian riot troops on standby Tahrir Square

Cairo - The situation in Cairo, Egypt is still tense. Government forces equipped with riot equipment on guard in the vicinity of Tahrir Square on Friday, February 4 am local time. They are also equipped with automatic weapons.

Security forces arrested a number of people who seem to leave the field. Directing forces of arms to these people and force them to lay on the ground. Such as reported by CNN on Friday (02/04/2011).

A group of pro-government protesters cheered as the vehicles of the van containing the security forces arrived on the field at 0600 local time. Not yet clear whether they were police or military personnel.

The Egyptian troops were deployed to face the possibility of massive demonstrations that will re-occur today. Previous anti-government activists have called for action today as a demo called "Day of Departure 'for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

The plan is expected to start demonstrations after Friday prayers. The mass of demonstrators planned to march to the presidential palace. Not yet clear whether the amount of mass demonstrators this time will reach millions of people like that ever happened several days ago.

According to Egypt's health ministry, eight people were killed and nearly 850 injured in demonstrations two days later. Protest itself has entered the 10th day and in total have been killed more than 150 people.

Mubarak has so far refused to resign as soon as desired on the demonstrators. Mubarak insisted to continue to lead until elections in September.


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