Butterfly tattoo Design

All butterflies are differentiated, it is their uniqueness! Likewise, you can have a large selection of designs and patterns that you get when it comes to the butterfly tattoo on her hip. The reason can vary the design and the pattern of a butterfly tattoo, as there is no gold standard! Here are some of the patterns and designs that you can see!

Tribal butterfly tattoos

Tribal butterfly tattoo on the hip is the connection with Mother Nature. You are placing the tattoo on her hip, a private body areas, which covers most of the time for conservative reasons. So the choice of the tattoo also shows that it is connected in the womb's inner nature, if it is not visible.

Butterfly Tattoos

Small butterfly tattoo on her hip looks very sexy. It seems two or three small butterflies in different positions, was signed at the hip. Many girls decide the number of butterflies in relation to people who want to represent. For example, one of my friends signed three butterflies on the hips, respectively, and their two best friends.

Celtic butterfly tattoos

Celtic butterfly tattoos on the hip looks incredibly awesome! His work node incredible artistic and bold tattoo designs that stand out and his personality. In fact, the lure of Celtic tattoo butterfly give a masculine look that men will also be able butterfly tattoos, no "female" tattoo making as marked.

Color Butterfly Tattoo

Color is the feature and the definition of a butterfly! You can make your hips butterfly tattoo color choices that define your personality and your complexion. Color models of butterfly tattoo design might strange that her eyes only to put the tattoo show every time! You can choose one or two colors, the color of the butterfly tattoo hip.

Butterfly tattoos black and white

Butterfly hip tattoos in black and white girls are once again appeal to the elegant appearance of the tattoo. Share your personality when you're the one who has seen the end faces of life, both negative and positive, adapted to him and then brought to experience an entirely new character. If you do not want to go so deep, white and black, which in any case, a stylish combination, but to ensure that it is for your skin and the visibility clear enough to reveal details of the tattoo.

Butterfly TattooButterfly Tattoo
Japanese TattooJapanese Tattoo Butterfly 
Japanese Butterfly TattooJapanese Butterfly Tattoo
Full body Butterfly tattooFull body Butterfly tattoo


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